What To Do: Reports vs. Comments

by , Wednesday November 25, 2015
What To Do: Reports vs. Comments


Being bothered by inapproriate, threatening, or disrepectful comments from other users? Here's what to do about it. 

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There's a couple of things we've been facing recently: trolls and arguments. The pertinent question you might start off asking: What is the best thing to do if I am noticing or being involved in these arguments?


Sometimes the best thing to do against harrasment is to stand by, be silent, and not get involved. When it comes to trolls and other conflicts, fighting back through excessive commenting may have the opposite effect and only worsen the problem. Trolls are actively seeking comments and interaction, but there's no reason to fuel the fire.


So now what are we taking about? Trolls, harassment, intimidation, and other things you would consider "inappropriate." The thing to avoid is getting deeply involved. When publicy commenting against a user that is violating the Terms and Conditions of Movellas, you are also giving them what they want. This anger and the desire to cause mayhem may be behind why they are doing and saying these things to you in the first place. If you get involved in this way, the problem can get out of control and escalate quickly and drastically.


Why exactly is this important? Facing a cyber-bully or other user who is harassing you is a challenge. Knowing how to deal with it is important though. Sometimes what we think can solve the issue (fighting back to frighten or prove your strength) is actually what ends up fueling the argument. You may think that being silent and not responding won't make it stop, but it will. Make it your policy for dealing with situations like this and take it from there. 


This leads us to what you CAN do. And this is probably the most important part, because it is what ensures the safety of users on Movellas and the comfortable, open writing atmosphere we have here. So: What can you actually do? You can report the page or email the Community Manager about it. Click the flag button at the top right side of the comment, and then all you have to do is take 3 minutes to fill out the necessary information. Flagging things means that it's only a matter of time before it will be resolved by the Support team, regardless of what you do.  Now, some say that reporting is no use but really, it is the most effective way. By informing (rather than feeding into the turmoil), the Movellas Team has the power to deal with it and can choose to deactivate the user and whatever other accounts they make in the future.


After you're done reporting, you can let go. Completely. The issue will be dealt with as soon as possible and there will be nowhere near the amount of drama or arguments afterwards. Sometimes it is hard to stay calm and steer away from the conflict that's unfolding right in front of you, just keep in mind that in doing so you may also unintentionally escalate the problem at the same time.


So, what to do? Report it and move on. The Movellas team can handle it.


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