Writing Struggles

by , Friday November 13, 2015
Writing Struggles

Writing is hard. Here's what you can do about it.

An uplifting read for anyone facing challenges when it comes to their writing.


by Sanguine


I am not going to lie to you – writing is hard. There are those few gifted people who seem to be able to positively crush NaNoWriMo in under ten days, but for the majority of us, we’ll stress and sweat and pull our hair out over the struggle that is writing. Here are some of the struggles of writing and how to overcome them:


1. Beating Procrastination

I think procrastination would have to be the biggest thing. Why should I write? I would much rather read instead. Or watch the TV – I’m pretty sure there’s a rerun on tonight. I haven’t seen that episode in a while…


Even when you don’t want to write, you should write. Even when it is quite possibly the last thing you want to do. Make sure you write even a tiny bit when you don't want to; by the time you need to write heaps and you don’t want to, you’ll be used to pushing yourself.


2. Hushing Your Inner Editor

Honestly, I think everyone has an inner editor inside them. Some inner editors might be buried a little deeper than others. I know mine is right at the surface. How many times have I edited this blog post so far? Four? And I’m not even up to the third struggle in this list.

I am terrible at stopping my inner editor. He’s there, nibbling on my brain, and picking out everything wrong with this post. But don’t be a Sanguine, and constantly give him what he wants. No matter how many times you edit, he will not go away. So ignore him, and he’ll eventually go away.



3. Actually Planning

There are so many types of writers in the world. For example, I am a sit-on-the-edge-of-my-seat writer. I write without planning because I am so excited to actually start writing.

That’s not good.

Try to plan, but don’t over plan. Your readers might not need to know that your character Butterfly Candycorn Snufflepants has a pet turtle, a gold tooth, a cat named Miss Sunshine Margarine Camelfood and a dog who is best friends with said cat.

Unless it’s necessary to the plot. In which case, the above would make a very interesting story.

Plan what you need for the story, plus a little more. Try not to get carried away with the planning, but don’t skimp on it either – there is such a thing as a happy medium.


4. Getting Around Work and School

When you are writing, you are not entitled to put off school and your work. Keep on top of everything you are given to do and don’t put it off. So, basically, don’t procrastinate.

No, I get why you would want to. School is ‘meh’ and work is hardly better.

(Though you do earn money from work whereas you have to pay for school)

But just prioritize, okay?


5. Intimidation

Wow. It almost stuns me how many fantastic writers are on this website. They are way better than I am. I’ll never be as good as they are right now. Maybe I should just give up now. Maybe edit someone else’s work for them, and put my inner editor to good use. He’d like that. But what if I’m really bad at that and-


Never let someone else’s skill get in the way of your own. John Green and James Patterson are both fantastic writers, but you wouldn’t compare the two, would you?

Different people are skilled at writing different things. And a first draft isn’t supposed to be good, it’s supposed to be a first draft. A first draft is your playdough. Something that can be built upon and squished into something that you are proud of.


Now get writing!

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