Welcome to Skye

by , Thursday November 5, 2015
Welcome to Skye

New Community Manager at Movellas

Having just started, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!



Hi fellow movellers, I'm Skye the new Community Manager. It's great to be working here at Movellas as we move into the last months of the year. When I'm not deep in the universe of all that is awesome here at Movellas, you can usually find me reading a dusty novel or out in the urban wilderness enjoying what's left of the sunshine. 


I have a Bachelor's in English Literature and Political Science and recently got my Master's in Linguistics in Denmark. My interests when it comes to writing include poetry but also language and communication, especially the dynamics involved in the art of everyday conversation.


Just so it's clear from the beginning here, I'm super excited to be a part of this community of writers, readers, and genuine book lovers. I've always been a fan of literature and at Movellas the literature comes from the best source - you guys! I look forward to reading good stories, writing some of my own, and sharing what's interesting and exciting at Movellas.

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