Q&A with Rainbow Rowell

by , Friday October 30, 2015
Q&A with Rainbow Rowell


Rainbow Rowell answers your most burning questions about Carry On


Enya Sanders asks

What made writing Carry On different from writing Fangirl to you personally?


Every book I write feels different to me. Each has its own mood and tone. Like different albums. Carry On felt grittier, more violent, more desperate. The characters in Carry On are worried about the difference between good and evil, and their part in it, whereas Cath’s crises are more personal.


Also Carry On has a much bigger cast of characters, more points of view. It was more of a technical challenge.


IrishBoy asks

Which character in Carry On is most like you?


That's a really good question. I think I put something of myself in all my characters. I guess I identify with Penelope and her mom, Mitali. I tend to be opinionated and quick to make decisions, and to push hard for what I think is right. I identify with Simon, too, in his desire to be good and his frustration with himself.


Sanguine asks

What inspires your writing?


I’m not sure, honestly. I’ve always been the sort of person who tells stories in their head. And now I tell them outside of my head.


I tend to write about things in my own life, even if they end up totally repackaged in my books.


Raven711 asks

Obviously you have some experience with being a fangirl/writing fanfiction- is there any particular fandom that you were part of or wrote fanfiction about?


When I was a teenager, I was really into Star Wars and the X-Men, but fandom wasn’t the same sort of thing then; there was no Internet bringing people together. I spent a lot of time getting really excited about things on my own. My best friend and I used to team up and fan about things. But we had no concept of fanfiction. For me, it was just making up stories for myself.


Which character from Carry On is your favorite? From Fangirl?


Baz from Carry On because he makes me laugh. And Levi from Fangirl because he’s so kind and good.


SnowyWriter. asks

What do you do in your spare/ procrastination time?


I talk to people on Twitter. I look at old wallpaper online. I don’t really procrastinate much. My way of procrastinating is to work on something else, something that isn’t a high priority.



fictionbefourblood asks

Any tips for writing, either in general, or specifically fanfiction?


My advice is to read a lot and to write a lot – and to be kind to yourself. Writing is as much craft as art. It takes a lot of practice. You can’t expect to be perfect right away. (Or ever.)


Pikachunicorn asks

If you had to go on an around the world trip with one of the Carry On characters, who would it be, and why?


Baz. We’d get upgraded everywhere we went.




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