Diary Winner for September 2015!

by , Wednesday October 14, 2015
Diary Winner for September 2015!


Congratulations to the fifth winner of the Dear Diary Competition


Wow, has another month passed already? That means it's time to announce the next winner of the Dear Diary Competition. There are still 7 months to go in this competition, so remember to keep on writing!

Also remember: You can enter at any time and you have to keep updating to be eligible to win. Each winner will receive a swanky diary from Work Style.



WINNER (September)

The winner will be contacted by email.


A Universe Contained in a Labyrinth



This diary was chosen because it is open and vulnerable, as well as eloquently written. Despite the seriousness of most of the posts, the writer also has a knack for finding humor in daily life like in the Miss Nacho chapter. A favorite quote of ours from this diary is in the chapter called 'I was the type of person' where K writes, "I thank you for reading but I also thank myself for leaving." 


Remember, you can enter the competition at any time. We re-read the entries every month, so there are still plenty of chances to win as long as you keep updating!





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