Index XLII: The Timelord's Anatomy



Index XLII: The Timelord's Anatomy 

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In the British Television Show, Doctor Who, the Doctor is a Time lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Time Lords are a very interesting group of humanoid creatures, and even if you’ve never watched Doctor Who (Please do if you haven’t.), these creatures are pretty awesome. They held power for ten million years, so they must be! Let’s take a look at their anatomy.




The Heart:

The Time Lords are very similar to humans, but do have some differences that are crucial. Time Lords do not have one heart, but two. This is a great thing for them, because they can handle more extreme body temperatures, thus being able to be comfortable in an extreme environment.




The Brain:

The Time Lord’s brain is much bigger and more complex than that of a human’s. The Time Lords have all of the natural senses that humans have, but these senses are faster, more accurate, and more powerful. The average Time Lord has senses that are ten times stronger than an average human. The reason for this superhuman-ness is that the Time Lords have an extra brain lobe for this, allowing more efficient ways of thinking and acting.




The Circulatory System:

Time Lord’s have a very similar circulatory system (the blood stuff) as us, but their blood is darker and has an orange tinge to it. Fried foods can easily clog the arteries up, but they have something in their blood to “sluice it out again.”




The Skin:

Gallifreyans have thicker skin than that of humans. They cannot get tattoos, because the skin will readily reject them. Unless something were implanted under the bottom layer of the Time Lord’s skin, the skin would also reject it.





The common Gallifreyan will go onto a “healing coma” if seriously wounded. As this happens, the Time Lord devotes all of his/her’s  energy to the healing process. Though the Time Lord may look dead, this is a misconception. With thick skin (literally), two hearts, and almost two brains, a Time Lord would be difficult to kill. But if one were to kill a Time Lord, then all of the other Time Lords could kill the killer. They wouldn’t even have to set a specific time for this!





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