Author of the Month, October 2015

by , Friday October 2, 2015
Author of the Month, October 2015


Movellas first ever author of the month is...


Popular stories, frequent updates, stunning covers, and top-notch writing skills - Movellas' first ever Author of the Month encapsulates all this and more. Below you will read a featured interview with them to learn more about the people behind the best stories on Movellas. We could not be more excited to share that the Author of the Month for October 2015 is...





Oh Hipsta Please


My journey on Movellas began like most any user’s, I loved reading fanfiction. I admit this with absolutely no shame, I loved—and still love—my One Direction fanfics. But in no way did I ever think I would be writing them. Funny how things work out, aren’t they?


I am sure many are already cringing at the fact that I am in fact a writer who has solely focused on writing One Direction fanfiction, but I want you to know that fanfiction is indeed fiction. Within it still lies a meticulously crafted world with complex characters and titillating plot lines. But could I have made this argument a couple of years ago? No, probably not. Currently as a senior in college, I can tell you that I've learned much about writing from being a part of this community for the past three years. But more importantly, I’ve learned a lot about myself simply by letting my words hit the page.


I had stumbled across Movellas three years ago, becoming hooked on countless stories. After about five months I hesitantly made an account, solely to keep track of all the fics I was reading. I told myself that would be the extent of it and ignored all the other features. I didn’t want to admit that I was interested in fanfiction, not when everyone around me had deemed it a “lowly” genre. I didn’t even bat an eye at the “Create a Story” button since I didn’t consider myself a writer, and I had no plans on starting any time soon. But time passed and my mind began to wonder, what if Harry was so much more than that kid from One Direction?


Other people’s words just weren’t cutting it anymore. I had stories within me, and even though my writing was not at its prime, I needed to write. My first movella is not currently published, mostly because I am so embarrassed by its content, but it needed to be written, and I don’t regret it for one second. As that lonely movella evolved into another, and then another, I slowly began to hit my stride. I went from writing sporadically to writing habitually, and I went from having one movella to having many.


Currently I am working on my 8th full length Movella, “Labels”. This has been probably been my favorite project, considering that it is one of the first movellas in which I try to realistically depict the boys from One Direction along with the events that have occurred in the past tumultuous months. But alongside that it’s a love story that follows plus-sized protagonist Reagan Bailey and awkwardly lovable Harry Styles as they fall in love with each other, and more importantly learn how to love themselves.


For the past year I have written almost every day. It started with my movella “He’s Inevitable” and is now continuing with  “Labels”, which I began in June and is currently 257 pages—and counting. I know you’re wondering, HOW!? How do you do that? Well it’s not easy, but the key I believe is to let yourself be inspired by the everyday things in your life, and furthermore to simply just write what you're thinking, regardless of how it may sound.


How do you become inspired? By a song? By a piece of art? By a couple of words you hear in passing? By another story? It doesn’t matter, inspiration hits at the weirdest of times, don’t fight it. I find myself scribbling Reagan’s dialogue on paper napkins as I’m drinking my morning coffee, or making notes of some kind of dorky thing Harry would do on my phone. Sometimes I write such haphazardly scribbled thoughts that I find I can’t even decipher them. You just can’t be weary of how you write. Write however you feel comfortable, don’t be afraid of brainstorming or scribbling notes. Published authors do not spit out their magnum opus on their first try. To be a writer, you simply have to keep writing. As my favorite author Junot Diaz states:


“You see, in my view a writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, because everything she does is golden. In my view a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway."


Just as I kept writing even though my first movella received two likes, even though the diction was terrible and the dialogue unbelievable, so should you. Fall in love with your own words. Fall in love with the world you’re creating. No one else has the power to take your voice from you, remember that. The story that you tell, be it in any genre, is important because it is yours. Mold your characters, write your witty dialogue, and laugh at your own jokes. Write for yourself, even if no one else reads it. That’s the only way you can make sure all those stories within you are given justice.


With All the Love,


Zorgie—Oh Hipsta Please


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