An Intro to K-Pop

by , Monday October 19, 2015
An Intro to K-Pop introduces the new K-Pop sub-genre on Movellas

Movellas has been busy making the site even better and a recent addition to the growing number of fan-fiction sub-categories includes K-Pop! Yes, we now have a K-Pop sub-genre on Movellas.

K-Pop is a recent phenomenon of the fandoms and is quite simply ‘Korean Pop Music’. What makes K-Pop a genre different from European and American music appears to be how it’s manufactured. K-Pop is very systematic and predictable. Like all music, K-Pop has labels, but these hold a particular significance in K-Pop because unlike music here, a lot of K-Pop fans follow the labels rather than individual artists.

The artists themselves sign a contract with a label and train for as long as ten years from a young age. They can go on to become an actor, a singer, or a member of a group – sometimes even a combination of them all. Groups are generally more popular than singers. As a singer or a group, these artists have hyped ‘debuts’ in which they release their first song and tour all the end-of-week music shows such as ‘Music Bank’ and ‘M! Countdown’ where they can place either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd based on album sales, social media hype, and voting. There are about 6 big music shows (not including the hundreds of variety shows – similar to talk shows – purely for K-Pop).

Sometimes this is all K-Pop groups will do for years and not once hold a concert. This can be due to various reasons but is more often than not about popularity. K-Pop is becoming highly competitive as it grows – more than 30 groups debuted in South Korea throughout 2014, competing with hundreds more in the market from previous years, and hundred more in the next few years to come. This is why labels are important – it’s mostly only the big labels that will have successful groups under their belt.  

In the fandom of K-Pop, we use a lot of terminology that consists of both Romanised Korean (Korean words written using the Latin alphabet) and English. It can appear daunting at first, but it does become like a second language. Don’t be put off!

The popularity of K-Pop groups vary country to country. Some appear more popular in the US and Europe than they do in their own country. Some of the most popular groups in K-Pop globally are -






Girls’ Generation








K-Pop is growing though and is actually a really popular fan-fiction genre on the Danish side of the site. Here are some K-Pop stories the English side of Movellas has to offer –



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