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If you don't know who Helena Coggan is, it is about time you did! She is a bookworm who has followed her dreams of becoming a published author. Doesn't that sound like something we all at Movellas can relate to? That's why this Sweepstakes feels extra special to us. Helena's achievements at the age of 16 years old is inspirational, because she shows us that age doesn't have to be a limitation to your dreams.

We've partnered up with our friends at Hodder & Stoughton's online community Chapter 5 again to bring you a chance to win a copy of The Catalyst to call your own.


The Author

Helena Coggan wrote the first draft of The Catalyst when she was thirteen. Her ambitions up to this point had been somewhat linear- she had wanted to write stories since she was six, and before that, she wanted to live in one. She lives with her family in London and divides her time between writing and procrastinating, which her parents insist on calling 'school'. The Catalyst is her first novel. Her second novel The Reaction - the sequel to​ The Catalyst - will be published in February 2016! 

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The Book

Rose Elmsworth has a secret. For eighteen years, the world has been divided into the magically Gifted and the non-magical Ashkind, but Rose's identity is far more dangerous. At fifteen, she has earned herself a place alongside her father in the Department, a brutal law-enforcement organisation run by the Gifted to control the Ashkind. But now an old enemy is threatening to start a catastrophic war, and Rose faces a challenging test of her loyalties. How much does she really know about her father's past? How far is the Department willing to go to keep the peace? And, if the time comes, will Rose choose to protect her secret, or the people she loves?


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