Introducing Author of the Month on Movellas!


Because you are the stars of Movellas


What would Movellas be without our community of dedicated writers, readers, and contributors? Whether it's updating regularly, giving out tons of CC to other users, or writing up interesting blogs on Movellas, it's no secret that you, the users, keep this place alive and moving. We want you to know that your hard work is not going unnoticed! Starting in October, we will start something called Author of the Month.


Author of the Month will feature a new user every month and is our way of saying, "Thanks for everything!" As Author of the Month, you will get a spotlight slot on our front page, a featured blog post, plus the chance to take over the Movellas Instagram account for a day!


There will be several different factors taken into account when choosing Author of the Month. Some criteria are:

  • Writer's activity on Movellas
  • Frequent contribution of content (blogs, stories, feedback, etc...)
  • Writer's popularity
  • Regular story updates
  • Friendly and welcoming personality

Featured writers certainly don't have to fit ALL of these descriptions, but the qualities listed above are some of the things we look for in our users. In the meantime, we will be choosing our first Author of the Month for October. Keep up the amazing work and, as always, happy writing!


Best Wishes,

The Movellas Team

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