How well do you know your fanfiction?

by , Monday September 14, 2015
How well do you know your fanfiction?


An overview of the different kinds of fanfiction


Within the fanfiction universe, there is a vast number of different categories of fanfiction that each hold their own set of conventions. Now, we're not talking about fandoms, which are a different type of categorization within fanfiction. The categories we're referring to is the style and method by which the fanfic is wrtten. For example, below are just a handful of fanfiction categories and examples of what they can look like. The examples given are in no way the only way these types of fanfiction can be written.



A crossover fanfiction is a fanfic that combines elements from different fictional universes into one story. This example below speculates what it would be like if Sherlock and the Doctor were to ever team up (spoiler: they're insufferable).






A story that is inspired by the lyrics of a song and can contain parts of the lyrics quoted throughout the story.  



A fanfic in which relationships between the main characters remain platonic (even if they are romantic in the canon storyline) and the story does not revolve around romantic elements. This is basically the opposite of shipping. Unfortunately, we couldn't find an example of this on Movellas, so if you find one, please post in the comments!



Alternate Universe (AU)

An Alternate Universe fanfiction veers off of the canon storyline and thus creates its own fictional universe. For example, in the story below, Tris chooses Amity, instead of Dauntless - *gasp!*





Fan art 

This one is self explanatory. Fan art is visual artwork created by fans, usually based off a character or a theme from the original fiction. On Movellas, creating new cover art for a work of fiction classifies as fan art. Take a look at the cool example below:





There are so many types of fanfiction and fanworks that this post doesn't even cover 1/8th of them! If you want to read more about different types of fanfiction, we can recommend checking out, a sub-page on Wiki that has tons of information on fanfic. 


Tell us about your favorite kind of fanfic to write or read in the comments below. Who knows? You might teach us a new one!

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