Winners of the Snowflake Method Competition!


Announcing the winners of The Snowflake Method Competition


Finally, here we are with the winners of the Snowflake Method Competition! In case you need a refresher, the snowflake method is simply a writing technique that will help you plan out a storyline in a more interesting way than if you just write an outline. @Sanguine wrote a nice blog on the subject. For those who might have missed it and are interested in reading more about it, you can find the blog here


Because of the time limit of the competition, most of the entries are not yet completed. Therefore, winners were chosen by a few factors: how far they got in the steps, how well they understood each step, how committed/thorough they were with each step, and, lastly, how interesting their storyline was. The three winners of the Snowflake Method Writing Competition are therefore:



Imprint (The Snowflake Method) by Molly Looby





C.H.A.O.S. - The Snowflake Method by Danielle Paige





The Snowflake Method, Entry Two by ᙢᗴᖇᙓᑕᗩ☂





Although not a finalist, I couldn't end this announcement without giving a special shoutout to @Pikachunicorn for creatively adapting the snowflake method to plan out a graphic novel, like so. Thank you to all those who participated. I hope that you all got something out of trying out the snowflake method!



All winners will be contacted by email.

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