A review of Paper Towns: The Movie

by , Saturday August 22, 2015
A review of Paper Towns: The Movie


Sanguine and Omissa review the Paper Towns movie




You have been warned


We didn’t know what to expect when we went to watch Paper Towns. We had read the book and found that fantastic, but movies never really do the books justice, do they? Come on, even The Fault in Our Stars wasn’t as good as the book, in our opinion. Then again, the book is one of the most well written books that we have ever read.

It was actually a while ago that both of us had read Paper Towns, so we had forgotten a lot of what happens during the story. We had a few reminders when we watched the trailer, like the part where Q nearly crashes into a cow, so at least we were not totally stunned when that part occurred in the movie. We also had a few questions when we watched the trailer. We remember thinking, “That didn’t happen, did it?” Other parts we didn’t remember at all, so it was nice thinking “Oooooohh” in our heads whenever we got to them.

A few changes were made in the movie, but we loved all of them. There is an addition made to the road trip that we found evens out the plot a little. Q goes to an event that he misses in the book. That part with the fish in the car was changed so that it didn’t gross people out as much. (note us saying ‘as much’ because fish in general gross people out. A lot.) We’re really glad that all of that was changed. Both of us felt that it only improved the story line for the movie, even if it would seem a little odd for the book.

There are also quite a few cameos to watch out for in the movie. A certain actor who was in another John Green adaptation makes a hilarious appearance that will stun you into laughter. It certainly got the entire theatre going when we were there! Not to mention the author of Paper Towns has a cameo, but good luck finding him! (Seriously, good luck. I’ve seen the movie twice and I still haven’t found him. – Omissa)

Paper Towns really pleased us as a movie. We felt that the casting was perfect, even if a lot of people disagree with us (mostly about Cara, since she doesn’t at all look like Margo). The acting was superb and we were completely sucked into the movie, just like we were sucked into the book.

And, just like in the book, both of us really hated the character of Margo Roth Spiegelman. But that’s just our opinion.

Paper Towns is a brilliant movie that you should definitely go and watch if you haven’t already. Or, if you have seen it already, go watch it again.

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