Interview with a hacker turned writer

by , Wednesday August 26, 2015
Interview with a hacker turned writer


@Irishboy interviews Jonathan Zdziarski, aka NerveGas



Jonathan Zdziarski is a forensics scientist, an author, and many other things. He has written several books that teach the reader how to program and even how to hack the iPhone. I was able to interview him (considering he is my dad). Jonathan started programming years ago when computers were a newly invented thing. All the things he did led up to him being the best IOS hacker in the field. He has also written apps such as Amber Alert, which is widely known as a data base for children reported missing. 

You love forensics. What got you started?

I like to hack things, and tinker around to see how they work. When I got my new iPhone in 2007, I decided to start tinkering with it too, and surprisingly found a way to hack into it. I decided to write a small 17-page forensics manual and give it to law enforcement, to help them out if there were any crimes involving an iPhone. That turned into the career I have now in forensics.

What got you started in writing about this stuff?

Some things just have to be written down, whether anyone will publish them or not, and I had that passion about forensics. I didn’t care if anybody ever read what I wrote, but I thought it was important enough to write it down anyway.

What advice can you give the readers of this writing wise?

If you have enough passion about something, you should write about it, regardless of who is reading it. Eventually, others who share your passion will find you. Write for yourself, first, and your readers second.

On a different note, what advice can you give about online safety. 

Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do with your mom or dad looking over your shoulder - because the whole world can potentially see over your shoulder when you’re online.

Can we expect any more books from you? 

Maybe, but I think my son will end up becoming an even better author some day. (I did not pay him to say that.)

In the hacker community, you are known as Nervegas. What inspired this?

When you are a teenager, you try to come up with scary names that sound cool. That's all there is to it.


Visit Jonathan's blog to learn more about him


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