10 of the world's most beautiful libraries

10 of the world's most beautiful libraries in the world 

I love libraries! They have a quiet and contemplative atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in the world of literature. The old libraries also contain a long and interesting history, and many of the great writers throughout time have gathered their thoughts in the small corners before writing them down in the unforgettable classics that we are still reading today.
There are people who are so fascinated by the impressive buildings that they travel all around the world to see them, which is not really that hard to understand when you see their beautiful pictures! Try to notice the many small details that must almost make it hard to focus on the books when you look around.
Below are my picks of 10 of the most beautiful libraries in the world where you can explore and become wiser in beautiful settings.



1. Trinity College Library, Ireland 














2. Bristol Central Library, England 



3. Codrington Library, England 



4. Bibliotheque Nationale de France, France 
















5. The Library of El Escorial, Spain 















6. Biblioteca Geral, University of Coimbra, Portugal 

























7. Handelingenkamer, Netherlands 




























8. Abbey Library of St. Gallen, Switzerland 
























9. Admont Abbey Library, Austria 
















10. Wiblingen Monastery Library, Germany 














What about you? Have you seen a really beautiful or special library? :) 

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