New Interns at Movellas

by , Wednesday August 12, 2015
New Interns at Movellas


Please welcome two new interns, Simone and Charlotte


We have some exciting news around the office. Two interns started this week that you will be seeing around for the next couple of months or so. We wanted to give them a chance to say hi to you all, so yeah, check that out below:


Hi Movellians,

My name is Simone and for the next 10 weeks, I will be interning at Movellas where I will, among other things, provide support on Movellas social media, scout for competitions, write blogs, and much more.

My internship is part of my studies as an E-concept Developer. That sounds like a very fancy title, but what it comes down to is being super innovative and coming up with some cool, useful concepts/solutions. 

I’m looking forward to the next 10 weeks here at Movellas, because I think it’s just wonderful that this community of book lovers exists. Where else could you get great book recommendations AND the chance to write your own stories? I’m a book lover as well and although I’m not a teenager anymore, I am a fan of the Fantasy and YA genre. Not to mention, I’m always up for a good Romance story. Case in point, after watching The Fault in Our Stars, I just had to read the book and now I’m also thinking it’s soon time to pick up Paper Towns.

I’m looking forward to get to know everyone and read lots of awesome stories.



Simone (@SimonePajala)





Hi Movellas writers!

My name is Charlotte and I have just started as an intern at Movellas. I’m looking so much forward to reading all of your stories, helping out on Movellas social media, and starting up a lot of exciting writing competitions!

I’ve just graduated from Copenhagen University with a Master’s in Danish literature, language and film. I love to read and write, so this creative world of words is the perfect place to be for me – and it doesn’t hurt that Movellas HQ is a really nice place to work! I also review films and the real story is most important for me, no matter if it’s in a book or on the big screen.

I’m most interested in the realistic story and when I can recognize or relate to my own life or person in some kind of way, or when the story portrays a real person/process/happening/incident in a realistic way. My favorite genres are realism, poetry, magic realism and existentialism, and among the authors I like the most is Ernest Hemingway, Paul Auster, Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Danish author, Søren Ulrik Thomsen.

In my free time, I travel a lot and I have travelled to Cambodia and lived in Edinburgh and Paris. Apart from that I sing in a choir and love music, dance, and to have fun with friends and family. I’m looking forward to the many fun experiences here on Movellas!


Happy writing!

Charlotte (@Charsarah)



Full credit to Simone for the cool banner art on this blog

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