Writing Prompt Competition

by , Monday August 10, 2015
Writing Prompt Competition


Enter to win CC from your Community Manager, as well as a chance to be featured in the Movellas blog



For the first time in a while, there will be a brief gap between competitions. BUT WAIT! Don't freak out just yet. We've come up with something that we hope will keep you occupied until then. Below you will find a series of writing prompts and your task is to choose as many as you'd like to create new stories. Then, post a link to your story in the comments section. I will choose one at random and that author will get personalized CC from yours truly, plus a featured spot in our blog along the lines of Meet the Movellas author. I will choose three more at random and these people will get CC from one of our ambassadors. Got it? Let me just say it again to be sure:

The Competition

Complete one or more of the writing prompts. Post a link to your story in the comments section.

The Prize

One winner will get CC from Jess N, plus a featured spot in our blog. Three other winners will get CC from an ambassador.

The Rules

Multiple entries allowed.

Tagging me is NOT required. Please don't tag me.

You have to submit a completed story. 

You have 2 weeks to submit from the publishing date of this blog. 

Completed stories must be either ca.500 or ca.1000 words long. (see each prompt for instructed word limits)

The Writing Prompts

I'm including a wide range of prompts to give you as much variety as possible. Have at it!

  • For each of the photos below, write 500 words. Use the captions as a starting point.


Much to the surprise of the onlookers and the drowning man, the young boy jumped into the river.

"Ullo," said the fish.

He was the foulest man I'd ever met and the fate of the nation rested on his shoulders.


  • Write 500 words from the perspective of a pair of shoes. Your owner has just walked through a dirty area.
  •  A major storm has been raging across the town, causing your school to be shut down for a day. Your father still has to go to work and asks you to look after your siblings as you are the oldest. However, when playing with your youngest sibling, something is revealed about your father's work that could change your lives forever. (Write 1000 words)
  • You're sitting at home on a rainy evening, relaxing with a mug of hot chocolate in your favorite armchair. You thought you were alone until you hear the small voice of a child behind you, "Hello. Are you my mother?"  (Write 1000 words)
  • Oftentimes, writers forget to include ALL the senses in their writing. One of the senses that is overlooked is taste. This is an exercise in how to write about taste: Take a food item (like a piece of fruit, fresh vegetable, etc...) and spend some time examining it. Then, take a bite. List down your immediate thoughts, such as its texture, flavour, how it makes you feel, and what it makes you remember. Finally, write a story that includes this taste in a central position in the story. (500 words) 


If these are outside your comfort zone, there is even greater reason for you to try one of these prompts. Creativity never comes out of being comfortable!

(Thanks to the contributors who sent in writing prompt ideas! Got a writing prompt idea for the next competition? Send them to jessica@movellas.com with the subject line "Writing Prompt Idea")




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