Announcing the overall winner of Battle of the Fandoms


The people have spoken! Find out who was voted Overall Winner.


First, another big congratulations to the winners from each fandom. There were so many great stories and you should all be proud of the work you've created. 

​But of course, there can be only one overall winner. The votes are in and the story that you, the users, think deserves the title of Overall Winner, is... 



Four by Sabitha.K


This story received a total of 189 likes and favorites, making Sabitha.K the winner of a book bundle!


A quick shout out to the 4 runners up who were close behind: 

Oh Hipsta Please - 164 total votes

Moosey - 135 total votes

HeartTaunter - 60 total votes

Mirlotta - 58 total votes


All winners from Battle of the Fandoms will be contacted by email shortly. 

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