Science Fiction Feature Week

by , Monday August 24, 2015
Science Fiction Feature Week


Get ready for a SciFi take over



It's time for another Takeover! This week you voted for Science Fiction stories and we couldn't be more excited.


In the tradition of feature week, @Jess N has changed her profile pic to her favorite SciFi character, T-1000 from Terminator 2 (Ask her why in the comments).


Change your profile picture to your favourite character from any SciFi book, film, or series and let's take over Movellas!


What to look out for:


There's a Science Fiction feature week competition running this week! We just couldn't help ourselves. Click here to check it out!


@TheIntelligenceDivision will give us some tips on planning SciFi universes.


An Interview With a Hacker by @IrishBoy will drop some knowledge on the many SubGenres of SciFi


There will also be a blog from @Prodigy on Douglas Adams and his love for SciFi.


Finally, we'll end the week with a bonus weekend blog from @Sanguine who will review Uglies by Scott Westerfield.


Our Covers of the Day on Tumblr and Instagram will be selected from the SciFi section. In addition, Jess N will be Tweeting and Mumbling different SciFi themed writing prompts throughout the week, so keep an eye peeled for that!



We couldn't do this without your help. Let @Jess N know if you would like to get involved in the next feature week.


Remember to change your profile picture to your favorite SciFi character!




Vote here for the next take over.

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