Advice for Writing Point of View

by , Wednesday July 22, 2015
Advice for Writing Point of View

@Eat, Sleep, Write gives 5 great tips for writing point of view 

Using point of view is fun, you can express how your character is feeling. I just have 5 tips for you if you want Advice for Writing Point of View.

1. You Can Use Events That Have Actually Happened to You
By doing this, it will be easy to write point of view because you would know what you would do, maybe it's what your character would do. Here's an example: "My mother walked into my bedroom while I was watching T.V.. She had a sad look on her face and I wondered why. 'Honey, you're great grandfather has past away.' she said. 'We have to his funeral tomorrow.' Tears filled my eyes as I clenched my fists. I never got to know my great grandfather, and now I can't." That's how I felt. Not only is it easy to write point of view this way, it's also relatable. 
2. Read Other Books/Movellas to Get Inspired
This can help because other people's writing can make you want to write too. You may want to write as good as that writer, or even better. I can tell you, it helps me a lot.
3. Use Character Traits to Help
Using the reaction that you would use can work. But if you have a character that is different than you, this can help greatly. How about we say that we have a character named Lillian. She is get's angry easily, so if somebody annoys her constantly EVEN after she asks them to stop... What do you think Lillian would do? I have a feeling that she would snap at him. 
4. Let the Reader Know How the Character Feels
Not everybody is good at this. But you don't want to read a story that just says "I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast. After that I brushed my teeth and hair. Then got dressed. After that I drove to school.". How about: "This morning, I jumped out of bed in excitement. It was going to be a beautiful, cool day. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a blue bowl, milk, and some yummy peanut butter cereal. I poured some cereal into the bowl, followed by the milk. I pulled out a spoon from the clean side of the sink, and dug in. Minutes after that, I brushed my teeth quickly, and then picked out an outfit. A bold pair of blue skinny jeans, and a blank tank top, and brown boots. Then, I brushed my long, wavy, brown hair. Later on, I walked outside, got into my blue Toyota car, and drove to school with a smile on my face." See? Much better. If you want, you can start of writing something like my first example, then keep editing and editing. Sometimes, writing does take a lot of work!
5. Never Ignore Criticism
I bet that lots of you know this already, but criticism should never be taken lightly! Ignoring just a little criticism can leave you out of amazing opportunities. Like, if you aren't adding enough detail in your stories and somebody tells you that, you should go and see if you can add more detail into your story. Because people who give criticism on Movellas aren't publishers. They might say that your story needs some work, and if you don't agree you should still try to change it. Because one day, if you are with an actual publisher, they might not publish you!
I hope that this helped, and I'd love to hear your feedback!

~Eat, Sleep, Write

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