7 Ways TV Shows Will Ruin Your Life

We love them, but these bingable shows are DANGEROUS.



Here we go, ways these delightful shows will destroy your life...and my life...and your parent’s lives. @Victoria Raven 


Shipping Wars


Here we go. Every fandom has about...a dozen or so ships.



Densi (NCIS)

BARIS (The Flash)


And the list goes on, I really don’t need to go into too much information. I really don’t. And you now things are bad when people ask you. “Who is that?” or “What is Shipping?” or “Why do you ship that?”

Why....why do people ask us these questions! Do you not know that we’ll go insane and go into a frenzy and start fangirling over every single ship and we won’t calm down? This is the 21st Century! 

You should KNOW this!


Waiting for the next episode

Ah yes, the weekly struggle and when the season ends of waiting for the next episode. The worse is when it’s a HUGE cliff-hanger or when someone dies or when something...dramatic happens. Of course we want to know what’s next – we want the episode instantly! Why do we have to wait?

Of course it’s better to record it then watch it all at once, which is what I do. Far more satisfying. But then again – if you record them and don’t watch them instantly – you miss out. Big time.

So, what  to do? You see the struggle! Stupid TV Show decisions...


Character Deaths

The saddest time, when they kill of a character. And they make it painful. And they do it to your favourite character. And they RUIN YOUR LIFE OUT OF IT!

No more to be said.






Sudden Plot Twists

Now, after watching ‘Revenge’ there are so many plot twists! For example: Does Emily have Victoria’s heart or not?

The second a dramatic plot twist happens – the fandom shall know about it and the fandom shall panic. But the worst....the utter WORST is when they have a dramatic plot twist at the end of the episode but WAIT! What’s worse? The end of the SEASON! *gasp*


Character Stupidity

Now, I turn to horror movies for this and well...any movie with something dark and evil in it. There may be a group and they’ll split up. And the chances are that the protagonist will meet the killer (Noooo, really?) or they will walk down a dark corridor without the lights on (in STALKER) and they won’t take any weapons or form of defence. And every person watching this show will scream insults at this character for being an idiot. That person could die – but they risk their life as our expense. Who knows what could happen to us! We all sit at the end of our seats while they do stupid things. Tut, tut, tut, Characters. Go sit in the corner and reflect.


Fandom Merch

The price of everything is so expensive! I was looking at RWBY Fandom t-shirts and other stuff (High-five to my RWBY fandom out there) and some of the stuff was so much! They want us to enjoy the show – which we do. And then we want to buy merch (for anything really, for any fandom) but the price is so high it’s not possible! The only way is through eBay or something....why? I mean...what’s the point of such high prices?


Thanks to @Victoria Raven for her blog that sums up how TV shows can take over! 

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