Tips For Writing Fanfiction

by , Tuesday July 7, 2015
Tips For Writing Fanfiction

@h a n n a h shares her tips on fine tuning your Fanfiction!


Tips for writing a bandom Fanfiction
1) When writing a band fanfiction, it might be difficult to capture the band member's personality in their dialogue. A great way to do your research is by watching interviews with the megastar, and figuring out how they would respond to certain comments or questions. For example, Harry Styles is more likely to respond to a question informally, rather than sounding like he is in a meeting with his bank manager.
2) Tips for writing television or film Fanfiction
As there are many fabulous tv shows and films, this type of Fanfiction is highly popular. A mistake that many people make, however, is not expressing the character's, well, character. It's best to highly describe any location, so the reader can really imagine themselves in 221B Baker Street, for example. Also, when writing the dialogue, imagine the character speaking the lines you have written, and imagine it being in the big screen. That way you can really get a sense of how they would speak.
3) Tips for writing a book Fanfiction 
Quite similar to television and film Fanfiction, you can imagine the characters saying it, as you already have read a hard copy of how they speak everyday. This will help greatly in writing your own dialogue for the characters. For example, classic novels. I doubt Mr Darcy will speak like Harry Styles, he will use very old language, like 'thy' and 'cometh' , not ''cause' and ''bout'.
I hope this blog will help you write the perfect fanfiction!
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