New Movellas Youtube Videos

by , Sunday June 28, 2015
New Movellas Youtube Videos

Check out the new videos on Movellas Youtube




You have not forgotten that we have a YouTube channel right? Remember you are always welcome to send us small videos with relevant write-related content you think might fit. For example, if you find a story you think deserves extra attention, make a video and send it to


New videos:

Our talented journalist Tina has worked feverishly to get these little videos ready, and now they are live, remember to like comment and subscribe. ;-) And you are also welcome to follow us. Here is the link



It is both British, American, Canadian and Danish users who are on the videos, and we hope that it gives a good impression of the global writing community that Movellas is. We hope you like them, and they will soon be at the front page so that new visitors to will get an idea of what we are all about.


A small presentation video:



User videos:




Did you like what you saw? Comment like :-) And you feel inspired, please send us your personal Movellas video. You can be anonymous if you feel better about it.


We look forward to seeing your video!

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