GeorgiaT is packing up!

by , Friday July 10, 2015
GeorgiaT is packing up!

Community Manager GeorgiaT is leaving!



Hi Movellians,


Movellas has been an experience for me that I don’t think anyone could top. I want to thank all of the users that I’ve got to know over the last couple months.


I am really glad that I got to see in the Ambassadors for 2015 - you’re a great bunch to see Movellas through the transitional period after I leave. I also leave you in the capable hands of your new Community Manager: Jess N Quick go follow her now!!


I am moving on in my career and I wish you all the best of luck in your writing, there is some extraordinary talent on this site and it has been a privilege to read some of it!

Keep writing, Movellians,


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