Ambassadors 2015

by , Monday June 22, 2015
Ambassadors 2015

We’ve chosen your new ambassadors!



Everyone who applied to the Ambassador program took the initiative to write applications.  We read every single one and also researched each persons profile. Ambassadors that were chosen were: Active members of Movellas over the past month, already interacting with users in a mature and polite way, Understand the Movellas Terms and Conditions, Understand the role of an Ambassador.


There were so many applications and we have been reading them all day every day for the past week to make a decision on the final list. On the english language side we have narrowed the list down to about 60 people.


All of the Ambassadors for 2015 will shortly receive an email from Movellas to welcome them to the program for the next 12 months.


We’d like to thank all of the applicants who wrote to us. There is always a chance to apply again next year. Because there were so many of you willing to volunteer for this position we won’t be able to give personal feedback if you didn’t make it. Keep up your good work around movellas and try again next year!


To the Ambassadors of 2015, WELCOME


All ambassadors now have a star badge on their profile picture.

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