Everything You Need To Know About Sir Walter Scott

@The Fox tells us why Sir Walter Scott is the historical fiction writer to read next

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, pay attention as I present the one, the only... Sir Walter Scott! "Who is he?" some may ask. Well, only the best Scottish author of all time! He is sometimes called 'the father of historical fiction' and, really, it is true.
His first novel, 'Waverley' was a historical fiction novel based around the Jacobites of Scotland, and one of the first Historical Fiction novels EVER. He was seen as the best writer of the time, and the city of Edinburgh is a city of literature because of him. The train station is named for his novel, and the Scottmonument (Scott, not Scot, as in the Scots people, a common mistake), was built in his honour. 
He was born and raised in Abbotsford in the Scottish Borders, and the house he lived in can be visited, which is really cool. 
After his first trilogy , which began with 'Waverly', came to an end, he wrote another trilogy under the pseudonym of Jedediah (yes, like the little cowboy in Night at the Museum) Cleishbotham. The trilogy was named Tales of my Landlord, and was published by a rival publishers to Walter Scott's publisher, Constable. He intended to deceive the public and see if he could beat his own popularity, but very few were fooled.
Walter Scott attended many events in Edinburgh's history, such as the execution of Mr William Burke , when Burke was hanged for murder.
However, although his novels were immensely popular, many English readers did not like Walter Scott's work, as the majority of them could not understand a word of the dialogue he wrote, which was all written in Scots, a fact I know a lot of people where I live find hilarious.
So, as you can see, Walter Scott, is, in conclusion, pretty awesome. 
Who are your favourite historical fiction authors?
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