Age Of Ultron Speculations

by , Tuesday June 16, 2015
Age Of Ultron Speculations


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Most of you have probably seen Age Of Ultron this past month, if you haven’t I advise you not to read on. #spoilers


When the movie started I was very excited, and I knew it was going to be amazing.


One of the funniest things from the beginning of the movie was when Tony said, “Sh*t.” and Steve got a bit mad and yelled back into the com link, “Language!”.

I have a feeling that that moment will be continued into the next movie ( Like it was throughout the rest of AuO )


Another thing I noticed was when they started attempting to hook up Natasha and Bruce, like what? I know that there are a lot of Clintasha shippers out there so I think this was a bit of a shock. Will Brutasha happen in the next movie?


The next thing was when everyone was trying to lift Thor's hammer, it was a very funny scene until we got to Steve. Everyone in the theater that I was in just about peed themselves, there were gasps and screams and I just sat there like, “Well, we have a new ruler of asgard everyone!” But I think the best thing about that scene was Thor's face, his face says just about everything that the audience is thinking. I admit, I was a bit disappointed when Natasha refused to try. Who knows! Maybe she could have lifted it….



When Scarlet Witch started to control the minds of the Avengers, I was a bit freaked out seeing what they saw. But then when she got to Clint, he just stuck a special arrow to her head and BOOM! “I’m done with the whole mind control thing.”


Was anyone else super shocked when Clint just happens to have children and a pregnant wife? Like HOW? Why did he not tell anyone? Yeah he had to hide them for protection, but still, why wouldn’t he tell his friends?


In the end of the movie Natasha received a text message from Clint and his wife, it’s a picture of their baby boy  and the onesie says “Nathaniel Pietro Barton”


Nathaniel is another version of Natasha to honor Natasha, Clint’s best friend.

Pietro to honor how Pietro saved the lives of Clint and the unknown boy.

When I saw this I just about cried and couldn’t help but think, “You didn’t see that coming.”


I know when I was finished watching this I had a ton of questions, so did my friends and family, I asked around and here are some of the questions I came up with:


Q- Did Vison actually kill Ultron?


A -I personally think he did, but truth be told, nothing is truly gone forever.


Q - Where is Bruce? Did he keep flying? Did he crash and die? Did he jump and swim to Fiji?


A - I certainly hope he swam away or just kept flying! It wouldn’t be the same without him! I think us fans might ’SMASH’ the Marvel headquarters. Watch out Mr. Lee!


Q - How did Vison pick up Thor’s hammer?




Q - Why does Vison look like the child of Martian Manhunter and Red Tornado? Why does he have almost exactly the same powers as them?


A - I really don’t have a real answer to this, but I know it did annoy me. I am a big D.C. fan but this still annoyed me a bit, so I decided to do some research.


The Vision first appeared in The Avengers #57, October 1968


Red Tornado first appeared in Justice League of America #64, August 1968


Martian Manhunter first appeared in Detective Comics ( vol. 1 ) #22, November 1955


So who knows, maybe D.C. copied Marvel, but maybe it was the other way around. Maybe they just look alike, we may never know.


Q -  Where is Betty Ross?


A - She has been missing since The Incredible Hulk, and most of us know that her and bruce belong together. If she comes back anytime soon, they must get rid of the Brutasha ship. THEY MUST.


Q - How does Thor know almost everything about the Four Infinity Stones?


A - He is Thor. But really, knowing about the Tesseract, Aether and Mind Stone is pretty common knowledge. But how did he know about the Power Stone? So far that’s only be shown on “Guardians of the Galaxy”! Will GOTG appear in the next Avengers movie? I sure hope so!


Q - Who would win in a fight? Captain America or Starlord?


A - Captain Starlord! But really, I don’t think this is an answerable question. Depends on your definition of win.


Q - Will Cap and Peggy ever get that dance?

A - How dare you even ask this question, the answer is obvious… Maybe.


Q - Is there really ONE dog in all of Sokokia?

A - When everyone is being saved, we see one dog jump on to a S.H.I.E.L.D. lifeboat. But just one, so is there really one dog in all of Sokavia? Did they carry the rest out? Dogs are smart, they all should have lived unless, you know, they were killed by one of the robots or fell off the edge of the city. ( Or got crushed under the rubble )


Q - What happened to all the cats?

A - Again, is there really ONE animal in all of Sokavia? I mean, cats are slower so maybe someone carried them? We never saw one cat, we never saw anyone carrying a cat, and we never saw a cat jump onto the ship. Maybe the Russians enjoy eating cats… MAYBE the one dog escaped the wrath of the Russian cooks. We may never know.

Well this concludes my blog! But I do have one joke for you before I conclude my blog:

Captain America’s shield is made of a Vibranium Adamantium alloy, Wolverine’s claws and bones are coated in Adamantium, Hawkeye’s shield? What’s that made of? Answer, Quicksilver.

Too soon? You didn’t see that coming, did you?

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