Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer Answered Your Questions!

Read the answers to your questions to Jodi and Samantha!




Jodi: Have you ever belonged to a writing community like Movellas? If not, who do you go to first for feedback on your newest work?

S. No I haven’t.   My Mom and my agent read all my books in progress and their feedback helps shape the final novel.



Samantha, you are still young, and you are already an accomplished author. Is there any advice you would give the young people here on Movellas?

My advice would be to try and finish whatever you are working on, which is often the hardest part.  My Mom set a schedule to make sure we were writing daily to complete the book.  I’d suggest getting someone to push you to schedule your time and stick to that schedule!



Samantha, did your mum ask you to help her? Or did you ask?

I went to my Mom with the idea for BETWEEN THE LINES and together we worked on the final book.  It wasn’t so much one of us going to the other.   I had the basic idea and together we developed it.



What was your favourite children's book to read as a bed time story To Samantha and Samantha, what was your favourite to be read BY your mum?

Jodi:  I used to love reading PAPERBACK PRINCESS to Sammy

Sammy:  I loved when Mom used to read WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE to me.   



For both: When writing a book together do you do some parts on your own or do you only write when you're both sitting down together?

We wrote every day and did this by sitting next to each other the computer and talking through the lines.  Mom would type because she’s faster.


Jodi: If you could pick another one of your books to become a movie, which would you pick and why?

I would pick NINETEEN MINUTES as I think it is a story that would do the most good for the world in movie form.


Samantha: Have you always wanted to become an author or did your Mum's books inspire you to write?

I’ve wanted to be so many things whilst growing up.  At 13 I wanted to be a doctor.  I now want to pursue teaching and then I would have the summers to write.



Did you feel like one of you drove the plot more? Where there every battling ideas, and if so how did you deal with it?

Of course we argued at times whilst writing and there were times where we would write ourselves in to a corner and have to retract but it was an equal process.



If you could have a pet dragon, what would you name him/her?

J:  Wilfred

S:  Tiny


What’s your favourite shape of pasta?

J: Fusilli (like my hair)

S:  Cavatappi


Eva Lynette WS

Coke or Pepsi?

Both:  Coke


Favourite character in the book?

J:  Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

S:  The Wild Thing


Victoria Cross

Which one of you would survive the Hunger Games?

Both:   Sammy


Twix or Rolo?

Both:  Twix



Which fictional character do you crush on?

J:  Jamie Fraser

S:  Peeta from The Hunger Games



Name something you can't live without?

J:  My phone

S:  My dogs


If you couldn't be a writer, what else would you be?

J:  A pastry chef

S: A Penguin Keeper at an aquarium


Thanks for all the questions and a BIG thank you to Samantha and Jodi. 


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