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To kick this off with the sickening truth, look at this:



Okay, here comes Movie Mistake #1:

It’s a freaking cap pen NOT a click pen!!

Who the hell was dumb enough to change this? Who in their right mind would go manipulate something as simple as Percy’s pen?! Having a click pen defeats the whole point of Riptide’s disguise… don’t ask how, it just does. Only true Fangirls (and Fanboys…?:P) will be annoyed by this, but it’s enough for us to hate the films before they have even begun.


Movie Mistake #2:

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!! They go change the PLOT now do they? Well, I hope they end up burning in Tartarus for what they've done, with the Harpies coming along every so often ripping their flesh open! Sorry, er, I get a little angry on this subject…


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief:

In the book, Percy fights Chimera at the top of the St. Louis Arch, Procrustes at a water bed store, the three Furies multiple times, and encounters Cerberus at the gates to the Underworld. None of this happens in the film! Instead, Percy, Annabeth and Grover find Persephone’s Pearls around America. They go to the Parthenon replica in Nashville and fight the Hydra, which, by the way only appears in the Sea of Monsters book. Percy and his friends do use magical pearls to escape the Underworld, but the whole story is not centered around finding those pearls. MAJOR PLOT CHANGE! I mean, even the Aphrodite kids are absolutely disgusted at this.


Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters:

At the start of this book, Percy fights a group of Laestrygonians Giants in the gym at school but is saved by Annabeth and his Cyclops half-brother, Tyson. This does not happen in the film. The Colchis bull attack happens in both the book and the film, though there is supposed to be two bulls attacking Camp Half Blood. Thalia’s tree is poisoned, as in the film, and camp is left vulnerable to attack. Percy has nightmares about Grover, who tells him that the Cyclops, Polyphemus is holding him captive in the Sea of Monsters. He also learns that Grover has found the Golden Fleece. This also, does not happen in this so called movie. So, Grover does NOT get kidnapped by Chris Rodriguez and Percy’s dreams are not mentioned in the movie whatsoever. And of course, they had to go and completely cut out the best bit! Percy and Annabeth go to Circe Island (Polyphemus actually has his own island) and meet trouble at the Spa. Circe the sorcerer turns Percy into a guinea pig (ZOELLA THE YOUTUBER HAS A GUINEA PIG CALLED PERCY – OMG!), they steal a pirate ship and Annabeth is almost devoured by the Sirens. So as you can see, Percy Jackson fangirls are most certainly not happy. In fact, they have become MURDEROUS. Another reason why the films are utter rubbish.


Movie Mistake #3:

What the hell happened with the prophecy in the Sea of Monsters?!

“A half blood of the eldest Gods shall reach 20 against all odds.” Okay, this was messed up from the start. Percy and Annabeth should’ve been 12 year olds when Percy arrived at camp. Instead, they became 17 which muddles everything up and changes future events quite dramatically. An example of that is indeed the Great Prophecy.


“Cursed blade shall reap.” Someone fetch me a butter knife! I need to murder something! *breathes… calms down* So, you can probably tell I’m raging. Well, you see, the movie states that Percy’s sword Riptide is the cursed blade when he is about to kill Kronos, because Poseidon was the one who previously killed him with the same sword. THIS IS A LIE! Everyone knows that Annabeth’s knife is the REAL cursed blade because when Luke gave it to her when she was seven, he promised to always protect her but instead he betrayed her. This happens in the Last Olympian, but proves my point – Riptide is not the cursed blade. Luke sacrifices himself with Annabeth’s knife to save Olympus and destroy Kronos. Luke is the real hero. “The hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap.”


“And see the world in endless sleep.” This line of the prophecy remains unknown, but how can they do that when some of the other lines (ie. “cursed blade shall reap”) have been revealed already?


Movie Mistake #4:

Why the hell does Kronos appear in the Sea of Monsters film?! He is not defeated until the Last Olympian! This should not happen! How do they expect the rest of the films to work out if they produce the Sea of Monsters with the storyline of the Last Olympian? It is completely beyond human capability of being stupid. HAVING KRONOS IN THE SEA OF MONSTERS RUINS EVERYTHING! It makes Rick Riordan look like a complete idiot to people who haven’t read his books, but he’s amazing and does not deserve this kind of disrespect. I will defend him and Percy until my last breath!

Sadly, I ran out of space to list every single fault, lie and imperfection of the Percy Jackson films. *mutters under breath* ‘You complete morons, you’ve ruined the world of Percy Jackson with your silly films! DIE!’

Meh, they are just puny mortals.


If you would like to read the loooooooong list of other differences between the Percy Jackson books and films click on the two links below:


Is anyone prepared to take on @C.H. Potter and try to convince her otherwise? Have you read the books; seen the movie? Which do you prefer?

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