Tips For Keeping A Diary

by , Monday June 15, 2015
Tips For Keeping A Diary

These tips are for diary writing in general, not for the competition exclusively.


The diary you keep now will contain the mature stuff that is going on in your life. You know all what I am talking about, don’t you? The things that you never tell anyone, because you don’t want them thinking anything different about you. Your diary is where you go so you can share everything with this “person” who cares about you. It’s a safe place, a confidant and a friend.


Diary writing is easy. You have the freedom of creativity and you can stay confident in the knowledge that you are the only person who needs to understand it. This blog is not a blog on the rules of keeping a diary, for there are no rules. This is simply advice that can possibly improve the quality of your diary.


However, even though you are the only person who needs to understand your diary you do still want it to be clear. Ten years from now you could be looking back and thinking something like “What on Earth was I writing about?” so it’s good to be clear in your diary.


Write whatever you feel like writing. This is a great mental exercise and can help you a lot with dealing with some of the problems in your life. Don’t worry about the content of your diary, but rather about the thoughts that run through your head. 


Write at a pace comfortable to you, and only you. Don’t feel obligated to write every day, because that might not be for you. If you skip a week or so, then that does not matter, as long as it’s because you don’t want to write too often, or you were away – any other reason apart from the fact that you don’t want to share things with your diary. Don’t give up on your diary because you can’t keep up with the entries. It’s your diary so it doesn’t matter how often you write in it.


Make sure you have the dates on your diary entries. This is good when you’re looking back at the entries and you can’t tell when they were. “Was I fourteen or fifteen when I wrote this?” is not what you want to be thinking when you look back at your entries to see what you were like… back when? Exactly.


Check your grammar in your diary. Even though it is just you reading these entries, you don’t want to be looking back in time and thinking “Did I do that mistake? Seriously? But it’s so obvious!”


Quotes can be a great way to inspire you, so including those in your diary can be a great idea. Example: “We grew up learning to cheer on the underdog because we see ourselves in them.” ― Shane Koyczan


And don’t worry about the length of your diary! If you write pages one day, and a few lines or paragraphs the next then that’s fine. It’s a diary, not a school assignment.


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