Get Your Book Nerd On

by , Wednesday July 1, 2015
Get Your Book Nerd On

@Emma Bird tells you why you should be proud to be a book nerd...


Here on Movellas, we have a great community, made all the better by the fact that we are all massive book lovers. Here, you can ASDFGHJKLBLEGH over the death of a fictional character and no one will mind (probably because we will all be crying alongside you). But out there in the scary world beyond the internet, people don’t really seem to understand reading. As soon as I say I like reading, all I’m greeted with is:


‘LOL nerd!’

‘Haha what a geek’

Or, my personal favourite:

‘So, is u liek rlly clevr den?????//?’.


*Face palm*


People automatically seem to assume that anyone who likes reading is some sort of Hermione/Einstein Lord of the Nerds, complete with dorky glasses and straight A*s. Sigh.

I really hate this portrayal of reading, because it means that a lot of people either a) don’t read because they know they will be judged, or b) are too embarrassed to admit they like reading! This means that so many people are missing out on the amazing opportunity to discover so many amazing books, and tHIS FRUSTRATES ME SO MUCH!


Why, just why is reading books any nerdier than, say, watching films, or listening to music? And second of all, why do people think being ‘nerdy’ is a bad thing?


My message to everyone; EMBRACE THE NERDINESS!!!!!!!!!!!


Just remember, that while other people are too busy laughing at bookworms, they are missing out on all the happiness (and yes, heartbreak *cough* FRED WEASELY *cough*) that reading books can bring. They are also missing out on the opportunity to join sites like Movellas, and make fabulous friends.



So what about you; do you get called a nerd for liking books? Does it bother you? Comment below what you think!! ^___^

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