The Twelve Olympians (and Hades)

The Twelve Olympians (and Hades) By @Prodigy



As any Percy Jackson fan knows, there are - in addition to a whole host of minor gods and goddesses - twelve major Olympians, plus Hades in the Underworld. Each one is associated with different traits and domains, and their demigod children are graced with different skill sets and powers. 


1. Cabin One: Zeus 

This opulent cabin of white marble and bronze doors went empty for many years until the arrival of Thalia Grace. As the god of the skies, lightning, and justice, his children have command over lightning, the weather, and can manipulate the air. In addition, they make excellent leaders and strive to be in command - a quality which can sometimes clash with their comrades. Children of Zeus, or any of the other Big Three, are extremely powerful and make excellent heroes.


2. Cabin Two: Hera 

Hera’s cabin compliments Zeus’s, albeit in a much more graceful way. Her sacred animal, the peacock, adorns the walls of her cabin, and a statue of herself takes up much of the inside. Her cabin is merely honorary, for, as the goddess of marriage, she has never had a child with a mortal. 


3. Cabin Three: Poseidon 

Until Percy Jackson came along, Poseidon’s strong, sea-hewn cabin was empty as well. Everything about this cabin echoes the sea, right down to the salt-water fountain within, the seashells embedded in the walls, and the windows facing the sea. As the god of water, oceans, storms, horses, and destruction, Poseidon’s children rarely have a dull moment. As Percy displays, demigods of Poseidon have the power to manipulate water, create hurricanes, speak to horses, and navigate the ocean, amongst other things. As another extremely powerful cabin, children of Poseidon often conflict with the others where leadership is concerned. Furthermore, Poseidon is also the father to the cyclops, which adds an extra degree of variety to the cabin’s inhabitants. 


4. Cabin Four: Demeter 

The cabin of Demeter is definitely going for the earthy effect with a roof of grass, tomato vines climbing the walls, and roses springing up all around. Inhabitants of the goddess of agriculture’s cabin have absolutely no trouble keeping house plants alive, nor do they struggle to keep up with the strawberry plants in the fields. Katie Gardner is the counselor of the Demeter cabin for the duration of Percy Jackson’s time at Camp Half-Blood, and the powers bestowed upon her and her siblings are the inherent ability to cook and control plants, which they put to good use in the Battle of Manhattan. 


5. Cabin Five: Ares 

Of all the cabins, Ares’s puts off some of the most unwelcoming vibes. The red paint, barbed wire on the roof, and stuffed boar’s head over the doorway are just a few of the homey elements which grace the Ares cabin. Punk rock is an apparent staple in this cabin, and there are supposedly live land mines planted around to keep unwanted visitors away. Yikes. Ares, the god of war, instilled his children with qualities similar to his own: increased strength and combat skills, natural talent with every weapon ever created, excellent strategic skills, the ability to curse their opponent’s weapons, and an occasional bad temper. Their current counselor is Clarisse La Rue, former enemy of Percy, but hero in her own right.


6. Cabin Six: Athena 

For all those lovers of knowledge, the Athena cabin would be one of your favorite places. After passing the owl, the symbol of wisdom, over the doorway, the inside of the Athena cabin holds a workbench, a library, and a study space. Every spare inch is filled with blueprints, models, books and scrolls. Being intellectual doesn’t mean spending every moment inside, however, for the Athena cabin has a personal armory attached to the side of their building. Annabeth Chase leads her cabin in developing and using their skills of intelligence, quick thinking, hand-to-hand or armed combat, war strategy, and weaving. As Percy realized early on, it isn’t good to get on the bad side of the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy’s children.


7. Cabin Seven: Apollo 

It seems only fitting that the cabin of the sun god be one which, when lit by the sun, is almost too blinding to behold. Under ordinary circumstances, the Apollo cabin isn’t much to look at, but the light of the sun transforms it into a building which looks as if it is made of solid gold. Apollo is not only the sun god, but also the god of healing, music, poetry, and prophecy. Therefore, his children are gifted in medicine, cursing people to speak in poetry, archery, music, and a sense of precognition. They have had various counselors over the years, such as Lee Fletcher, Michel Yew, and, currently, Will Solace.


8. Cabin Eight: Artemis 

Like Apollo’s cabin, Artemis’s is generally nondescript, except when bathed in moonlight. Then, it becomes a gleaming silver structure with carvings of wild animals such as the sacred stag. As a maiden goddess, Artemis has no demigod children. Instead, the cabin is reserved for the hunters pledged to her service, so their counselor is the current lieutenant, whether Zoe Nightshade or Thalia Grace. Her hunters are faster and stronger than other demigods, immortal unless killed in battle or fallen in love, can summon bows and arrows, talk to animals, and have excellent aim.


9. Cabin Nine: Hephaestus 

The cabin of Hephaestus resembles a small factory built of brick and accented with a smokestack. If you can get through the vault door with all of its gears and inner workings, pick through the messy interior strewn with metal scraps, there is a tunnel which runs beneath the cabin for the exclusive use of its members. Everything in the Hephaestus cabin is not what it seems, for even the beds take their occupants into hidden underground rooms. Charles Beckendorf served as counselor until his job was taken over by Jake Mason, only to be handed over to Leo Valdez. As children of the god of fire, technology, and blacksmiths, these demigods are excellent mechanics and builders, can manipulate machines and sense their use with their minds, and sense traps underground. Rarely, perhaps once few hundred years, Hephaestus will bestow one of his children, such as Leo Valdez, with pyrokinesis, the ability to control and withstand fire. 


10. Cabin Ten: Aphrodite 

Class and style is what waits inside the Aphrodite cabin with its painted roof, gray walls, lace curtains, and pastel color scheme. The sons and daughters of the goddess of love, lust, desire, beauty, and sexuality are inherently attractive but have the ability to change their physical appearance. In addition, they can magically control clothes and jewelry, have power over love and desire, speak fluent French, are socially graceful, and, in rare cases such as Piper McLean’s, the ability to Charmspeak - to bend others to their will with only their voice. The spot of counselor was somewhat contested after Silena Beaureguard, but Piper McLean currently holds the position. 


11. Cabin Eleven: Hermes 

Old and worn, the Hermes cabin serves as the starting point for many new demigods who are yet unclaimed. As the god messengers, travel, speed, thieves, and athletes, Hermes and his children welcome all wanderers who don’t yet have a cabin of their own. Even though this is the largest cabin, it means it is often packed, at least until the gods get better at claiming their children. Luke Castellan served as counselor for a while before being replaced by Travis and Connor Stoll. Much to the other campers’ frustration, they are perfect thieves and tricksters, as well as excelling at athletics, persuasion, lock picking, sensing traps, making potions, and managing money. 


12. Cabin Twelve: Dionysus 

The cabin with grape vines climbing the walls belongs to none other than the children of Camp Half-Blood’s director Mr. D, also known as Dionysus. Very dedicated to his wife, Mr. D has few children who live in the cabin, but they do have some powers. Demigods of Dionysus inherit his powers of controlling plants such as strawberry and grape vines, as well as the ability to cause or cure madness to some extent. 


13. Cabin Thirteen: Hades 

After the arrival of Nico Di Angelo, the Hades cabin was added to Camp Half-Blood. An imposing structure, this cabin is built of obsidian and adorned with a skull over the doorway and torches that burn green flame at all hours of the day. Children of Hades can summon the dead, sense the death of people they know, shadow travel, control the earth to some extent, and control precious metals.


If you were to go to Camp Half-Blood, which cabin would you be in? 

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