Movellians Are Creative!

by , Wednesday May 20, 2015
Movellians Are Creative!

@Meganinsleeping explains why Movellas is the right place for you!


Creative success is the illegitimate love child of failure and soul crushing feedback. 




That took me at least 20 minutes, with parental assistance, to come up with. 


I’m a mess.


Sort of. Because we tend to think of creativity as the author in his garret, the painter in solitude. 




Creativity isn’t a struggle on your own, but rather an experience you share with many people. Designers, advertisers, marketing agencies – all creative industries – use targeted market research as an integral aspect of the creative process, so why do so many of us choose to hide away our creative endeavours as if they are some sort of secret?


And that’s why Movellas is such an important platform for young people, as not only does it encourage us to share our creative pieces, but is also a safe forum on which we can receive feedback from our target audience. Movellas opens a realm of opportunities to teens, a highlight of which is the comments section. This is where the magic happens.


Feedback, good or bad, is where we learn, where we grow, where our pieces come to life. Individual creativity never plateaus, but continues to breed and flourish in ways previously unthinkable. Never look at a piece of negative or slightly unsatisfactory feedback as a negative, but instead as a seed from which to expand and mature as a creative thinker. 


Because ‘failure’ is an important aspect of the creative process. As someone who finds getting up in the morning a success, I have learnt that failure, as we know it, doesn’t really exist. There are many moments in life where we may feel like we haven’t done well enough, or haven’t gotten where we wanted to be. The critical thing, however, is not to view this as a negative, but turn it into a positive.


For example, I was recently lucky enough to place as winner in my category in the Project Remix competition here on Movellas. When I was reading through the comments on the post announcing the winners, scattered amongst the congratulatory posts were some along the lines of “All these winner’s entries make me feel so talentless” and “My entry was nothing compared to these!” 


This saddened me, because it is important to remember that competitions that are judged are subjective, so the judges just obviously failed to recognise your genius this time, and THAT is why your entry wasn’t chosen. Their loss! Stop comparing your creative endeavours to others! There madness lies, instead you must find the brilliance and beauty in your own pieces as much as you do in the work of other people. Not only must you recognise the brilliance in your creative pieces, but also the beauty in yourself. I promise you, as soon as your belief and assurance in yourself grows, your viewpoint on what you create will change dramatically.


Turn all of this into a positive. Maybe today wasn’t the day for you to win that competition, the day for you to get that internship you wanted, or the day for your YouTube video to suddenly get 1000 views. But, and it’s a big but, today is the day for you to take that risk, be creative, and grow. Today is the day for you to write that story, film that vlog and draw that masterpiece, and receive feedback that would made Vladmir Putin cry.


Today is the day you utilize the Movellas community.


And grow.


Stay creative folks!

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