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I have been becoming obsessed with some new TV series and failed to mention my most watched of all time. Pretty Little Liars. I realise that this won't come as a surprise as this seems to be the most popular show on the planet at the moment.

I also had the plan to start a blog series where I steal the style of certain celebrity and recreate it for less of a price hence forth I decided to start with the stars of Pretty Little Liars and their characters.

I thought I'd start with Hanna. She seems to me to be the most fashion forward 'Liar' in the series and keeps up with current trends really well yet manages to add a subtle hint of class too.

I decided to go with a pastel colour theme for this outfit as summer is fast approaching and this I believe once again will be a definite trend. I started with the base of the outfit which I wanted to be the Shoes. These mint green suedette court shoes caught my eye immediately when I lay eyes upon them and I knew I had to create Hanna's outfit around these as in the show her shoes are always insanely amazing. I then noticed the spaghetti stringed crop top in the exact same colour and knew I had to pair these two together as accent pieces. I then decided I wanted this to be a more casual-chic outfit than formal and so I added some high-waist jeans instead of a skirt or skort. I love this style of jeans. The grey colour gives them a originality over the usual blue or black denim and the rips in the knee's give the outfit a sense of grunge, almost. I then wanted to add that sense of class I spoke about but also keeping with the fun pastel theme, so I opted for aLilac Blazer which I believe pulls the whole outfit together. With this oufit, I also thought about hair. I thought that this messy-updo is perfect for spring/summer as it gets a lot warmer.


The next person I decided to focus on is Aria. Whilst Aria is probably my least favourite when it comes to fashion she does sometimes have extreme high fashion sense that really works. Much like the previous outfit I planned this one around a key piece. The green bag. I felt that this bag held such elegance but provided a rich colour to the outfit that could still be worn throughout the whole of the year. I am not ususually partial to the colour gold yet I feel it compliments the emerald green colour. I then wanted something with abit of edge so went for the lace panelled peplum top.

I wanted to make the rest of the outfit monochrome yet still with a feminine touch and I felt this too delivered this. Thetrousers are also I believe another focal point of the outfit as they are tight fitted with a subtle black and white print. I had the idea in my mind to base it on the black and white movies that the character watches and hence forth I went for the monochrome theme. I also wanted to add a more daring aspect to the outfit and added these heeled boots. I like these as they are simplistic; no garish buckles or Gold hardware.


Next I created an outfit inspired by Emily Field's character. She is casual, athletic and her style revolves around this. Emily is known to sport jeans so I went for a mid wash skinny jean as I believe that this was a staple piece when recreating this look. I then went for Nike Roshe Runs as these are one of my personal favourite style of Trainer, and it provides comfort and in-trend style. I then wanted to add some colour too the outfit and I felt that this athletic themed forest green jumperwas the best way to do that. The strips on the jumper give it that sporty vibe that I wished to recreate. I then decided to add a bag and thought that the acid wash denim and the casual backpack style went perfectly with the outfit.

Lastly but not least is Spencer Hastings. She probably has the most original style which I mentioned briefly in a previous blog post. Her clothing revolves around vintage, preppy and Ivy league fashion trends. Firstly lets start with the jumper. It has a cricket jumper feel yet is a little more relaxed and wearable for day to day. I then paired that with a grey large checked skirt with has a preppy and school like feel but the cut and length give it a high fashion edge, like something that could be seen from Ralph Lauren. I then wanted some sort of colour within the outfit so opted for some mint greenbrogues. I was going to choose plain white but then I saw these gems for only £25.00 and couldn't resist adding them. I then finished the outfit with a plain black bag that reminded me of the Celine tote that I have been currently pining over after spotting it in the April edition of vogue. I feel like this gives the outfit a sense of practicality and tailored look.


Thank You for reading this as It is definitely something that helps me out. There are often many celeb fashions that can be recreated and restyled at only a fraction of the price. I realise I didn't do Alison Dilaurentis but I just felt like he style was similar to Hanna's and a lot harder to recreate seen as though she was 'dead' for most of the show.

Until next time.


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