Why I Love Movellas

by , Friday July 24, 2015
Why I Love Movellas

@Chloe_123_x writes why she loves movellas. 



To be entirely honest, it’s been difficult to decide where I should begin with this blog. Movellas has been a huge part of my life for the past year, and I have no clue as to where I would be without it. I feel so lucky to have discovered a community with such wonderful, genuine and talented people. 


Everyone is so supportive of one another on Movellas: there is never a shortage of people willing to help. I feel as though I have developed some incredible friendships on this site- something that would have undoubtedly been impossible for me anywhere else. Movellas is one of the few places I feel comfortable with just being myself, in the knowledge that nobody is going to be judgmental towards me. Everyone is accepted here, no matter what your background, age, race, or interests; we’re all brought together by a shared love of writing. Everyone is always looking out for each other- be it to offer help around the site, constructive criticism on stories, or simply showing care for other users as friends. 


Movellas is bursting to the brim with passionate authors, poets, musicians and artists, as well as plenty of insightful blogs and various competitions. The competition prizes are brilliant, and sometimes include amazing, money-can’t-buy opportunities. There are also several other aspects you can participate in- forums to discuss common topics or to role-play with your favorite characters, and groups where you can connect with people who share your interests. Movellas also offers their users a yearly role as an ‘ambassador’- a truly eye-opening and enjoyable experience. There are so many opportunities to be had with this role, for example helping to judge a competition, or writing blogs such as this.


Movellas is quite possibly one of the best sites I have ever stumbled upon. The staff are absolutely brilliant, and their interactivity is one of the best factors that separates Movellas from sites with similar concepts. They’ll listen to your suggestions, actively help around the site, and are just awesome people in general. 


I have no doubt that everyone on this site will go far in whatever path they choose to follow in the future. I am so grateful to Movellas for being the one place that I love the most, and for being somewhere I can always reside, no matter what.


Why do you love Movellas? Let us know in the comments.

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