Why Movellas Is THE Best Writing Platform

Why you should write on Movellas over any other platform.

I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say that Movellas is THE best writing platform for young writers. The question is: what makes us better than the likes of Wattpad and Opuss and Figment? The answer should be obvious: we're Movellas.com, of course! It doesn't get much better than this! So, I suppose the question is: why is Movellas so brilliant?
1. The Writers
You can't have a writing platform without the writers, and Movellas is the best place to meet other writers. We learn from each other, and we teach each other, even if we don't realise it. Everybody is always so welcoming and kind and willing to help, like a real life town of writers. 
2. The Size
Unlike other writing platforms which are incredibly well known, Movellas is quite small in comparison, and that means we are a very tight knit community, and we get noticed by readers. It is easy to make friends and get CC from others. 
Another brilliant thing about the community's size is that we aren't too small, like many other writing platforms. A lot of writing platforms have very few users, meaning that even fewer users ever have their work read. 
 Movellas really is the perfect size for a writing platform. 
3. The Writing Quality
Whereas a lot of other platforms are swamped with never-ending bad grammar, here on Movellas a lot of us started out with awful grammar, but we were given advice from other users and a lot of us have improved drastically. I know that when I joined, I had awful grammar, but I was willing to be given harsh CC, and so many people were willing to give it to me that now I feel my grammar has improved a lot. 
But it's not just grammar that counts in writing. Everything is important: plot, setting, character. There are so many writers on here who have totally nailed writing, and no doubt many will one day be published. 
4. The Competitions
One of the best things about Movellas is the fact that everyone can get inspired to write (and a lot more) with all the competitions. Take the recent Project Remix, for example. There were five different categories to enter into, and so many entries came out of it. Movellas isn't just for writers, but also for all fields of creativity, and honestly, it's like our own little world of publishing and cover designers and trailer creators. 
But there are also so many great prizes on offer, organised by the Movellas team, which brings me on to the final point...
5. The Staff
We have an amazing Community Manager GeorgiaT, but let's not forget everyone behind the scenes. So many people work hard to make sure the site is perfect for us, and I think we should all keep that in mind. 
So thank you, to everyone on Movellas and everyone who works to help run the site, thank you, because really, Movellas is perfect, in every area from size to staff and writers to the writers' inspiration and the writers' work. 
Let us know why YOU love movellas in the comments.
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