The Official Sherlocked Event London

@w0lverine went on an adventure and told us all about it!



Last weekend in the heart of London, an amazing Official sherlock convention took place in the Excel. Many of the BBC's biggest stars from Sherlock came to sign autographs, give talks and have photo shoots with those who had booked well in advance. Luckily, M0riarty and I were among them.

The convention started on Friday night when the people who had weekend tickets or upgrades  from the weekend ticket (e.g silver, platinum, V.I.P) went into the main room for the convention where about ten different stalls, all Sherlock related, were scattered around. There was a prop museum, a London bus with 'Miss me?' On the side and various other random Sherlock related things.      


Later on that night there was a party at a nearby venue, with the theme of Irene Adlers Boudoir & the Underground. We didn't attend this for obvious reasons!

On Saturday morning, we unfortunately had to get up at 5:45 am and had to queue for quite a while. At 9:00 am the hall was reopened and this time majority of the stars were sat at their desks ready to sign autographs. It was strange to see them all not in costume after watching Sherlock so many times!

The first talk of the day was with the two writers, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The explained how other peoples interpretations don't make a difference to them and they take direct influence from the original books. They briefly mentioned casting and hidden references that they love hiding on the sets and in their writing. Mark Gatiss was very funny and the talk was fascinating. They made it very clear they were big fan boys and thought Doyle’s work was a master piece.

After that hilarious talk, M0riarty and I went into Steven Moffat's autograph queue and decided to ask about not only Sherlock but Doctor Who too. As he signed my notebook I asked him if he knew when Doctor Who would be back on. Now, that was a very stupid question but he replied very simply by saying

" Yes...".


*Awkward Silence*


"Can you tell me?"


He was very friendly and funny too. I told him I loved Sherlock and Doctor who which was kind of obvious from the questions I had asked him. Steven Moffat is a really cool guy who appreciates all of his fans!


At roughly 1pm, the Benedict Cumberbatch talk which was completely sold out began. Benedict did his Dragon voice for the audience and his Chewbacca impression too. He explained how he tries to play each of his roles differently, using Alan Turing (Imitation Game) and Doctor Strange (MCU) as examples. He told us that the main thing he hated about his role was playing the violin as he said he felt like a fake! I play the violin so found this incredibly funny!

The highlight of Saturday was easily the photo shoot. We queued up and eventually were let in to the room with Benedict in. After a few endless second it was my turn. I faced him and said,

“I can’t wait to see you as Doctor Strange!”

He politely said thank you and put his arm round me as we both smiled into the camera. That’s right! I practically hugged Benedict Cumberbatch. Whooo!


The last part of the day was a talk with Rupert Graves and Lars Mikkelsen who were pretty serious to be honest. Ok, there was quite a bit of talk about flicking faces but other than that it was quite informative.


The Sherlock Convention was the most amazing of experiences and a real opportunity to be among people with the same love as me! Also, I MET BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! 

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