8 Never-Ending Battles of 'The Vampire Diaries' Fandom

@WerewolfLuva delves into the dark world of TVD fandom WAR!


I’d like to start off by saying that I do like The Vampire Diaries (TVD) a lot, regardless of whether or not I challenge it.  I think TVD was better in earlier seasons – and I know others do too – but that’s a conversation for later on.


This blog is about the common arguments in the TVD fandom.  Honestly, they’re more like battles or wars. Here are just a handful of them…


#1. Stelena or Delena?


This was one of the first battles that split the fandom. Who is Elena Gilbert’s soul mate: Stefan or Damon Salvatore? Personally, I ship Delena. Damon’s love consumes her **cute blushing smile**.


“… in death, you’re the one who made me feel most alive.”

- Elena Gilbert to Damon Salvatore in 4x23 ‘Graduation’


This has been the big argument since Season 1: ‘Stelena or Delena?’

Last month, Nina Dobrev announced that she would be leaving the show. So now, the argument is: ‘Who will it be in the end: Stelena or Delena?’ because if Nina leaves then the chances of Elena dying are strong.

If we’re talking clichés and romantic 80s movies, I think it will end with Stelena. It’s Scallison all over again (that’s Scott and Allison off MTV’s Teen Wolf). Allison Argent dies and, as she dies in Scott McCall’s arms, she admits that she still loves him.

Nevertheless, TVD is not Teen Wolf. The Vampire Diaries was a book series first but the writer for the TV show and executive producer, Julie Plec, has not followed the book plot in any way. There is no promising that the books can tell you anything about how it is going to end.


#2. Klaroline, Forwood, Steroline or Maroline?


Klaroline is my favourite ship besides Fourtris from Divergent. They are my OTP but I am trying not to be biased. Lol!


Klaroline = Klaus Mikaelson + Caroline Forbes

Forwood = Tyler Lockwood + Caroline Forbes

Steroline = Stefan Salvatore + Caroline Forbes

Maroline = Matt Donovan + Caroline Forbes


If I were to put my realistic cap on, I would say that Klaroline isn’t going to happen unless Julie Plec merges The Originals (the TVD spin-off) with TVD again. Michael Trevino (the actor playing Tyler) is leaving the show so Forwood stands no chance anymore. Maroline is just out of the question. Honestly, I have no idea why people ship them still. They broke up ages ago and Matt hates vampires. He would sooner kill Caroline than date her. Steroline… I don’t know. They are cute and, with my realistic cap on, I’d say they were almost perfect.

**puts fangirl cap on** BUT KLAROLINE IS PERFECT! Caroline has been waiting ages for a man who would look after her and who cares enough to stay and, when given the option, Klaus chose to stay with her rather than “gloat over a corpse-to-be” as Caroline so poetically put it. ;) They are a match made in heaven! **Cue New Girl Jess 1x01 Dirty Dancing cry scene**


#3. Stefan or Damon?


Ships aside, who is your favourite Salvatore brother? Safe brother or fun brother? This is a frequent question on a TVD Instagram account. People will say “#QOTD: Stefan or Damon?”

I always answer “Damon” but I LOVE Stefan.

Stefan Salvatore is the sort of man who you would like to settle down with in one place – like a quiet island where you can compel all the inhabitants to ignore the fact that you aren’t ageing – and you would go eat bunnies together every Sunday…

But Damon is the sort of man with whom you travel the world because if you stay in one place everything else will get boring! Needless to say, bunnies would be out of the question.


“Impressive. Have you been eating bunnies?”

- Damon Salvatore to Stefan Salvatore after

Stefan climbs onto the school roof


#4. Will the show survive without Elena Gilbert/Nina Dobrev?


“No. No, no, no, no. Did I mention ‘no’?”

- Damon Salvatore to Elijah Mikaelson


It’s simple. No. The show will not survive without an Elena Gilbert. There’s always the possibility that they will recast Elena but I don’t think that will work. Either way, the show will lose a LOT of views when there is no Elena Gilbert.  

It is as simple as that, I’m afraid.

I think that TVD and The Originals should merge again. This way, Julie Plec can focus on one show, not two. This will lead to a stronger plot and therefore more viewers. Simples. **squeak**.


#5. Does Bonnie Bennett get enough positive screen-time?


Bonnie doesn’t get enough positive screen-time. The only times when she is anywhere close to the centre of attention is when she has a big problem or when she dies… again.

Our Bon Bon’s gone off the rails a little lately. After coming back from the prison world, she’s been suffering and she’s been acting out. I get that she had had a hard time (and, in a way, the fact that she’s struggling makes her more real) but more often than not, her character is portrayed negatively.


#6. Will Bamon happen?


Bamon = Bonnie Bennett + Damon Salvatore


Personally, I don’t think that they will happen as a couple. It’s like shipping Sterek (Stiles and Derek in Teen Wolf), and I mean no disrespect to any Sterek/Bamon shippers, but it’s just not going to happen. I ship them as friends – like I ship Sterek as just friends – but beyond that, I have no idea what people see in them as a couple. Damon is with Elena. Bonnie was with Jeremy Gilbert at one point (they were CUTE!) but now Jeremy’s gone to “art school” ;)  Don’t take it personally if you ship them.


#7. Did Stelena move too fast?


This is HUGE. Honestly, the fandom won’t shut up about this. I think Stelena moved fast but that’s what made them Stelena. I don’t think they moved too fast because their end was fast. Elena became a vampire and she fell in love with Damon, and that was the end of Stelena. However, the fact that they were kissing in the second episode of the first season was fast. They ended up making love in the tenth episode of the first season (if I remember correctly) and then it’s in episode eleven that Elena finds the picture of Katherine and she ends up going to Georgia, Atlanta, with Damon for the day.


Stelena moved very fast but I think that’s what kick-started the series. If Stelena hadn’t moved fast, the start would have been incredibly boring. There also wouldn’t have been as much going on when Katherine appears because Katherine tries to split them up. If Stelena had still been in the ‘early stages’ then Kitty Kat Katherine wouldn’t have had much to work with.


#8. Has TVD lost its spark?


I think that TVD has lost its spark. TVD used to be really, really exciting but ever since the fifth season, the plot has thinned and there’s either been too much going on or too little. The breaks between each episode have also been eminent. There’s no denying the fact that TVD’s plot is plummeting along with its views. The numbers keep dropping and the de-escalation in viewers gets bigger and bigger each time. The first episode of the current season – season six – got smaller, with as little as 1.81 million views. Season six is still going but, so far, the episode with the least views of the season (and the series) is episode sixteen ‘The Downward Spiral’. This was the episode Ian Somerhalder directed. It received 1.3 million views.  


This is proof that I’m not the only one who feels like TVD has gone on a downward spiral and the life has been sucked out of it (pun intended).


I hope you all enjoyed my first blog on Movellas. Comment what you think. Stelena or Delena? Damon or Stefan? Do you think Bamon will happen? Who do you ship Caroline with? Do you think Stelena moved too fast? Will the show survive without our dearest doppelgänger, Elena? Does Bonnie Bennet get enough positive screen-time? Most importantly, do you think TVD has lost its spark? I am dying to find out what you all think!!

Thank you for reading!


@WerewolfLuva :)



What are the big arguments in YOUR fandom? Let us know in the comments. 

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