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Plenty of people give CC on stories that they like, or even leave a comment. Both are great ways to encourage your favourtie authors to KEEP WRITING! But the highest complement for an author is to be reviewed. These are @Sanguine's tips for writing a review on Movellas. 


1) What did you think of the story?

This is, in my opinion, the most important point. Of course opinions differ, but this is nevertheless a big one. When you give a review you need to say what you think of it. Do not lie about it, but do not be harsh either. Writers need to know what they should work on, but we do not want to discourage them from writing. If you do not like the story that you are reviewing, then maybe don’t say that outright. Remember that what might not be your cup of tea might be another’s piece of chocolate. Be kind in your review, and make sure that you are encouraging. Make sure you pick out at least one positive thing in the story that was good, such as characterisation, or the plot.


2) What could be made better?

All authors like to improve, so make sure you include what they could do better. Don’t be rude about it, or pushy, because then the writer could possibly be less inclined to follow your advice. If it’s a fanfiction with the characters acting like anything but themselves, then point it out. No flames, please; there are no fire extinguishers in the mind, so avoid playing with matches in your review. Tell the writer how they could improve – maybe by reading the books again, or just reading more in general. Point out writers (preferably published ones) who do whatever it is that the person whose work you are reviewing doesn’t do so well.


3) Do you know this as well?

If you are giving constructive criticism on spelling, or grammar, then make sure yours is perfect (or close to it, at least). Typos will most probably occur often, so don’t stress about the review. Be confident in your abilities before coaching someone in theirs. If you don’t know what you are talking about, then how can you expect the person you are teaching to do it correctly? They will learn from your mistakes and how long will it be before they are corrected?


4) How do I order this?

You want the author to feel good about their writing, so start with a compliment. Some writers need more encouragement so throw in another compliment on their writing before you start in on the serious stuff. An author needs to know that they are doing right, and it’s good to start off with the right foot. This is a good lead up for the ‘what could be better’ part. The author knows what they are doing right, so now they are ready to see what they can do better in this story. Now tell them how they can improve their writing. After that, you should end with a compliment; ending on a good note makes all of the difference in writing.


5) Is this clear enough?

Other people will read your review(s), so make sure that yours is clear and easy to understand. These people might be looking at the reviews to see whether or not this story is worth reading so you should make yours clear and concise. Your review cannot be too long, as some people do get bored when reading reviews. Not all people do, of course, but this review should be intelligible to as many people as possible, and the vast majority of people don’t like reading 5000 word reviews. A shorter review grabs more attention.



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