5 Tips On Writing CC on Movellas

by , Wednesday May 13, 2015
5 Tips On Writing CC on Movellas

Want an update on your favourite story? Give CC.


Writing a comment with CC, or constructive criticism, is the best way to encourage your favourite writers on Movellas to write more stories, update your favourites and improve their writing. We love CC on Movellas and we want to see more of it. Here are a few tips and tricks to giving CC that authors love.


Note to writers: Try to appreciate CC as your fans/readers trying to help you.

1. Open with the positive.

Find your favourite thing about the story, the writing, or the best character and tell the writer why you like those things.



2. Be kind.

You are ‘critisising’ someone’s work. So be as gentle as you can when you comment on stories. Consider if you had written this story, what kind of comment would encourage you?


3. If you don’t have advice, don’t say nothing at all...

Your comment needs to be constructive, that means you know how the piece could be improved. Give your advice and tips on how to improve the story/chapter.


4. It’s NOT personal.

Never attack the writer themselves. Stick to the facts. What in the story doesnt work/what mistakes have you noticed? Assume that every writer is trying really hard to write something good. Give them your respect for trying.


5. Close with a positive!


Bookend your comment with something encouraging.


Thanks to @Sanguine for the suggestion to write this piece! What are your tips for giving CC? Let us know in the comments below.

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