by , Tuesday May 12, 2015

Epic, classical soundtracks, emotional ballads, or quiet mood music? Music is essential for setting the scene and creating an atmosphere.


Sometimes, music is just as important (if not more) than what you’re watching; imagine trying to watch a horror movie without the spine-chilling soundtrack, or a love story without all the cheesy power ballads.


For me, reading can sometimes be like that too. For scenes of Katniss trying, briefly, to survive in the capitol under the terrifyingly perceptive eyes of President Snow, I want music that will make me as tense as humanly possible; for scenes of Clary and Jace fighting and being kick-ass, I want fast-paced, exciting music, that will get me hyped but not actually motivate to get up, stop reading and tidy my bedroom. And for a tender love scene, I need a Whitney ballad!


I want to know what y’all jam to when you need a backing track for your book - what’s on your #literatune playlist?


It can be as weird as you want it to be - from Bruno Mars’ latest chart-topper to the obscure debut single of a long forgotten foreign-language band to the soundtrack of #TFIOS - whatever gets your groove on and gets you pumped for some hardcore reading!


To get you thinking (and for some inspiration), I’ve decided to take my #literatune playlist public. And I do have a few less-than-normal tracks on there - you have been warned!


1. When I re-read the Hunger Games trilogy recently, I couldn’t stop listening to Arcade Fire’s “Abraham’s Daughter.” (To be fair, I didn’t find this on my own - it was actually at the end of the first Hunger Games movie.)






2. When I read the Mortal Instruments series, I couldn’t get enough of the Black Keys. For a lot of fight scenes with Clary and Jace, I listened to The Black Key’s “Lonely Boy.” (Seem familiar? For all of you who saw the ‘Warm Bodies’ trailer when it was in cinemas - this song featured in it.)






3. For those who’ve read Delirium . . . if that book didn’t leave you sobbing, then you should listen to Mumford and Son’s “Sigh No More.” For me, the song embodies what the book is about. It was played numerous times throughout my reading of it. (Seriously. I think I broke the ‘repeat’ button on my iPod.)







4. For all those John Green fans out there, I am currently reading ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’ (and loving it!), and have been listening to a lot of M83 songs, particularly Midnight City, Outro and Wait. (For those avid fans of the #TFIOS movie, you may recognise ‘Wait’ from the end of the film. That song still makes me tear up!)







5. A few weeks ago, on suggestion (and loan) from my friend, I had an all-night reading session of ‘Catherine’s Capital Punishment,’ and had the ‘Social Network’ soundtrack playing quietly in the background. (I particularly recommend ‘Hand Cover Bruise,’ an amazing little track which matches the darkly funny, tense and bittersweet ambience of the novel).







BONUS TRACK (because what EP doesn’t have bonus content) - Though shamefully odd, I must admit; I find it impossible to read any novel of George RR Martin’s without the “Game Of Thrones” TV Show Soundtrack playing very loudly in the background.





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