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Johnlock vs ..."Jary"? "Motson"? Aw come on they don't even have a ship name...



John and Sherlock or John and Mary? The answer is easy: Johnlock of course. Because according to the urban dictionary, “Johnlock is the father of all the gay ships. It's probably the first thing you ever shipped in your life. Johnlock is flawless.” Besides, John and Mary don’t even have a proper ship name. Besides the fact of there being a, hem, actual ship named Mary and John.


So many fans ship Johnlock, but Gatiss and Moffat seem to follow the original Sherlock Holmes plot line, in which Johnlock is never canon.

Ridicule aside; let’s get down to the facts:


In The Sign of Three, think about what first happened when Sherlock suggested Mary take a pregnancy test. John is not happy. This is not a clear sign; he may just be upset about Sherlock’s bluntness.





Mary’s face is full of disbelief.



She may have not even wanted to be pregnant.

Sherlock, being his usual self, keeps talking about symptoms or whatever, and John tells him to “shut up.” Then he turns to Mary and complains about whom? Sherlock. His exact words: “How did he notice before me? I’m a bloody doctor!" Not “oh, I’m so happy!” or “this is so great!’ or “I love you!”

Being the absolutely amazing couple they are, they both panic. “Don’t panic,” Sherlock tells them. Too late.




It’d be normal to be shocked at first, but as the news sinks in, the shock isn’t giving way to joy. They look like they’re almost . . . regretting? *gasp*

Baby aside, they just got married! They should be looking at each other lovingly,






And just being what a married couple should be. And then, all of a sudden, it sinks in. Everything is different. John’s a father now.




What does it do to Sherlock? In His Last Vow, he’s becoming moody, more sociopathic, and almost a drug addict. Sure. His test comes clean, but it was only a matter of time.

Wait, wait, wait, there’s still a baby on the way, and that can’t be stopped. When John goes to get Sherlock, what does he tell Mary? “You can’t come; you’re pregnant.” Her response: “You can’t go. I’m pregnant.”



OH SNAP. It’s finally become obvious. Mary and Baby Watson are going to need him, and he can’t be running around the city, solving cases with Sherlock anymore.

Well this blog took an interesting turn.

If it hasn’t been made clear yet: John and Mary are not happy with each other. Or at least, John isn’t happy with Mary...



However, think about John and Sherlock’s relationship. First off, besides its inability to become canon, every time someone assumes they are together, John denies. As long as he does that, it can’t turn into a thing.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, think about some theories floating around on Pinterest and Tumblr.

My favorite: “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name.” PUH. LEASE. He wasn’t being serious. (I think.) Sherlock knew he was most probably not going to see John again, or at least not for a while. So what did he do? He didn’t profess his obvious feelings to John, he made him smile. The last thing he wanted to see was John’s smile.


And, to finish it all off, let’s all remember the look on John’s face when Sherlock “proposed.” Yeah. I went there.


That, my dear friends, is Johnlock.


So while we eat chocolate, watch The Reichenbach Fall on repeat, and wait for Johnlock to become canon, let’s enjoy the top 3 Johnlock fanfictions on Movellas:


Violin in the Clear Air by River_Summers       Dear John Watson by Mirlotta           Warped Logic by Shaving Monkeys Sparrow




Do you think John and Mary are doomed? Let us know if you ship Johnlock in the comments!

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