Moriarty Theories

by , Tuesday April 21, 2015
Moriarty Theories

The big theories tackled by @Victoria Cross


How did he survive his suicide?


Now, there are, several theories on this. Many are sheer...comedy, but others are a lot more believable, and, after several hours of thinking and re-watching those (fab) episodes when I should be revising (YAWN!) I have come up with some of these theories, but these have also been suggested by my friends.

  1. He used a real gun, but the chamber was empty. Moriarty had snipers, right? He could’ve had one of them fire a shot, near Moriarty. Also, as Moriarty had a coat with a collar, he could’ve had a blood pouch hidden, and it exploded as he fell. Hence, notice how the blood didn’t splatter, but it just streamed when he fell. Not possible with a gunshot. Also, how could he keep hold on the gun?


  1. Moriarty and Sherlock both knew they would fake their suicides. Who knows if they’ve spoken to each other off screen? The thing about Sherlock and Moriarty is that they’re rivals. They’re two geniuses playing a game (a dangerous game) of Chess. Moriarty could’ve made a deal with Sherlock that if his suicide was more convincing than Sherlock’s, then he wouldn’t reveal the full extent of his network. But if Sherlock did, then Moriarty would let him dismantle it.


  1. Moriarty had a twin who died, which could be Richard Brook. Second, Sherlock could’ve been drugged; and, lastly. We haven’t met the real Moriarty. As I said before, they’re two geniuses playing Chess. These people could easily be his pawns.


  1. When Moriarty hit the floor there was blood. Since he shot himself in the head, there should’ve been blood when he did it, but there was only blood when he hit the floor, meaning he only suffered a small injury. Hence, meaning he could’ve survived.



Who is Moriarty?


Moriarty could easily be another brother. Mycroft says: “The other one.”

Who is this Other One? Moriarty? Why not, TELL ME WHY NOT?


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