9 Things You Didn't Know About Sherlock


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1. Holmes and Watson are good enough to eat



Speedy’s Cafe, the sandwich emporium frequented by Sherlock and John, is a real café on Gower Street, near Euston – the BBC’s stand-in for 221b Baker Street. The fans who flock there from all over the world can now enjoy specially created Sherlock-themed snacks, specifically the Sherlock wrap (chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, peppers, red onion, cucumber, chilli sauce – all "wrapped up as tightly as Sherlock’s personality") or the Watson Wrap (roasted vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, spring onion, Brie, sour cream – "safe, warm, and comforting, like his personality").



2. China can’t understand why Sherlock takes so long to make


During David Cameron’s official visit to China last year, the Prime Minister allowed Chinese citizens to ask him questions through Sina Weibo, the country’s Twitter-like social network. Among queries about Larry the Downing Street cat, Tom Daley and Visa application forms, by far the most popular request was: “Please urge Sherlock crew to be quick! They have had us waiting for two years for every season!” Cameron diplomatically pointed out that “I can’t tell them what to do, as it’s an independent company”, before urging fans to pass the time by reading the original stories.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch hates Sherlock’s hair
The actor’s preparations for looking the part of Sherlock include intense Bikram yoga sessions, swimming, and no smoking or drinking during filming. But there’s one thing he especially hates doing: growing his hair. As he told The Times, “I can’t think of a wittier or even accurate comparison, but I just think it makes me look a bit like… a woman.”
4. ‘221b Baker Street’ actually looks like this

The 370 sq ft one-bedroom flat above Speedy’s Café, which is in fact about a mile away from Baker Street but is used as Sherlock’s home for exterior shots, was available for rent in early 2012 for the price of £330 a week.
5. Sherlock isn’t a sociopath

In A Study In Pink, Anderson flippantly calls Holmes a psychopath. "Do your research, Anderson," comes the reply. “I'm a high-functioning sociopath.” Not true, according to psychologist Maria Konnikova, who convincingly argues that Sherlock is altogether too loving, empathetic, and aware of his own faults to be considered a sociopath.


6. In Japan, he’s a comic book hero


Japan has a long tradition of Sherlock-influenced, copyright-avoiding manga or anime: Young Miss Holmes, a manga comic about Sherlock’s niece; Detective Hound, a canine anime series; the unrelated Detective Dog Sherdock, a comic in which the sleuth is reincarnated as a dog; and the Arthur Conan Doyle-inspired boy crime-solver Detective Conan. But the BBC series recently received the ultimate accolade: completely faithful  comic-book adaptations of the episodes A Study in Pink and The Blind Banker in Young Ace magazine.




7. Matt Smith wanted to be John Watson

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A week before landing the part of Doctor Who, Matt Smith auditioned to play John Watson; Steven Moffat decided he was "too barmy", and that one Sherlock was enough. Martin Freeman, on the other hand, arrived at his audition having had his wallet stolen on the way and was in such a bad mood it was assumed he wasn’t interested. The following week, he returned in a better frame of mind, read with Benedict Cumberbatch, and the part was his.



8. Not everybody appreciated Irene Adler’s nudity



The BBC received over 100 complaints about Lara Pulver’s portrayal of Irene Adler as an upmarket dominatrix in A Scandal in Belgravia. But some Sherlock purists objected on different grounds. Irene Adler as conceived by Conan Doyle in A Scandal in Bohemia, it was argued in blog after blog, was a formidable woman of honour, who would never allow herself to become a pawn of Moriarty, or to fall for Holmes after showing him her breasts. Steven Moffat disagreed with the feminists. "In the original,” he told The Guardian, “Irene Adler's victory over Sherlock Holmes was to move house and run away with her husband. That's not a feminist victory."



9. Mark Gatiss learnt to swim in Moriarty’s pool

At the end of season one, Moriarty lures Holmes and Watson to a beautiful public pool in order to kill them. The location used (for both the cliffhanger and the beginning of season two, forcing the crew to return a year later and recreate the signage) is Bristol South Swimming Pool, and is also where a young Mark Gatiss learnt to swim.


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