A Guided Tour to Movellas

by , Monday May 18, 2015
A Guided Tour to Movellas

How to find your way around Movellas!


Welcome Movellians, I will be your tour guide for the evening. I am Daytime Dreamer, a Movellas Ambassador. Let's start your tour of world-famous Movellas Mansion.

We'll start by using the front door. Millions of people have been through this door. To move through the door, sign up and create a profile. To do this, you enter a unique username (make sure you can remember it!), password, and short biography. Users from a wide variety of countries all come through here to write and read on Movellas. The United States, The UK, I believe I've showed a couple Danish people through this entryway too... Where are you all from?

Next we enter the kitchen, where new dishes, or "Stories", are created. To build a new story, click on your profile circle in the top right corner. You will then select "New Story". Everyone from a first time writer to proffesional authors can come to Movellas to invent their stories. 

From there we move to the party room, or the "Blog/Forum". This is where the fun happens. Read the new blogs, comment your thoughts, find new friends. And if you step this way...come on everyone, keep up! This is the notice board or "mumbles" page. You can mumble about anything you like or don't like; or use the mumbles to promote your new story! 

Now finally, we show you the meeting room, or "groups". This is accessible by clicking on your profile circle and tapping "My Groups".  Your groups are where you and your friends can exchange ideas, talk fandoms, role play into the night and exchange constructive critisism (or CC). 
You are now well-equipped to take the reins on your Movellas adventure! And if you still need help, the ambassadors or Movellas big sister @GeorgiaT would be happy to assist you.


-Stephanie Burns, Daytime Dreamer on Movellas :)

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