There Will Be Lies Design Competition Winners Announced

Winners of the cover design competition revealed!


We're still waiting to hear back from Nick Lake for the writing competition. But the ACTUAL designer of There Will Be Lies's ACTUAL cover was able to give her feedback on the design competition so this one is coming first. All of the winners will recieve signed copies of There Will Be Lies. 


See all of the beautiful covers on the There Will Be Lies Design Competition here. 



This Is Me

Feedback from the designer of There Will Be Lies:

This is well thought out design. The road leads your eye to the coyote in the sky,
representing the dreamworld Shelby enters. The bold perspectice conveys the
more physical journey she takes across the desert. The strong sense of place,
edgy style and bold typography make this the winner for me.



Runners Up


This is finished to a high standard. The typography and imagery sit well together.
I love the pop of colour. Perhaps more suited to a historical novel than a thriller,
but as a composition, it’s great!




This is cool. The cursive type for the author name next to the huge title lettering
works well and brings the age down from adult to YA. The photo behind the type
is clever. I think, with a little bit of finessing so we can make out the photo, it’d be



InkInMyVeins Rogue

The illustration is well drawn; the linework is quite edgy. How about trying
Shelby in the foreground and the coyote howling in the background? I like that
LIES has been picked out and made bigger.




All winners will be contacted by email

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