Interview with GeorgiaT

by , Wednesday April 15, 2015
Interview with GeorgiaT

Hi! I'm your Community Manager 



About Me


I’m GeorgiaT and I am the Community Manager on Movellas.  I did a degree in English and Creative Writing at University and I live in London.  My job is to make sure that we can all focus on what Movellas is about. Community, friendship, fandoms, and most of all; reading and writing great stories. With my degree I learnt how to effectively workshop and develop first drafts into publishable work which has been really helpful in my work for Movellas.


This is my full time job and I am paid to do it. I am not a volunteer or an Ambassador so I have administrative ability, which means I can draft or delete your stories if they are against our terms and conditions. It’s part of my job, among many other things...


Why did you want to work for Movellas?

I interned in publishing houses for a whole year, working for free and gaining enough experience before I found Movellas. I wanted a job where I would be surrounded by books and writing.  Movellas works with publishers EVERYDAY looking at new YA Books to promote for you guys. It’s cutting edge, which is why I love it.  


I found the job on a regular job site, before then I had not heard of Movellas, but when I was a teenager I used So I understood why it’s a great website.


I did a three week internship with Movellas before I was hired so that I got familiar with some of the small jobs that I now do everyday.


If you could marry one fictional character, who would it be and why?

Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabledon’s epic series. Unfortunately the character is actually based on her own husband...which is a bit weird. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser… *dreamy sigh* He’s just perfect. He’s played by Sam Heugan in the TV series:


What is your favourite part of working for Movellas?

My favourite part of working for Movellas is making friends with you guys! I love getting snapchats and tweets as well as mumbles and comments between us all that are fun and interesting. It gives me great ideas for what blogs or competitions I can do to make you all happy.


What Hogwarts House do you think you would be in?

GRYFFINDOR! (Sorting-hat voice)


What are some of the funniest things you've seen on Movellas?

My favourite is actually something silly.   One reason I thought it would be a good idea to write this blog was because I realised I have never introduced myself and I thought it would be good if did...  


I get reports now and then on our reporting system that reports me for issuing a warning on their wall or letting them know I'd drafted their story. 


It tickles all the staff when we get reported to ourselves. ‘Naughty Movellas, mind your own business and do your job…Oh wait… That’s what we were doing...’ Tee hee.


Favourite TV show?

Black Adder. Ever brilliant and classic.


Favourite Book(s)?

Pretty much anything I’m reading at the moment. I recently read The Secret Garden and loved it. I'm currently reading Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman.


Favourite Movie(s)?

Fight Club. I wish I could quote it the whole way through, I’m probably at about 40%.


Cadbury or Galaxy?

Cadbury. Because milky delicious goodness.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Cooking from my Organic Vegetable box and then EATING EVERYTHING.


I also do a dance called Modern Jive or Ceroc.  I’m a Central London Modern Jiver and I tend to go dancing 3-5 times a week (if I have the energy and a troll doesn’t make me LATE!).  It gets me out of the house and I’ve made some amazing friends. 


Would you date a squirrel or a raccoon, give reasons.

A Squirrel… I feel like this is an obvious answer. Because they’re super cute when they eat and I would just feed my little squirrel boyfriend until he was the fatest cutest lil squidgy squirelly EVER. And he could climb trees and bring me food. I feel like a raccoon would be a terrible boyfriend. Don't like flowers from the BP garage? Try an apple core covered in mayonaise from the neighbour's rubbish bins... Nope. Squirrel please. (This got a little weird...)


If you had to sum up yourself and Movellas in one word, what would it be?



Salt or pepper?

Pepper, obviously.



Thank you to Sanguine, Annabeth Kenobi and Victoria Jenkins for their questions. I'll try and answer more in the comments!

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