Ladies Of Middle-Earth

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Ladies Of Middle-Earth

@AldrinHD Writes a detailed run of the female characters in LOTR.  



There are few ladies of Middle-Earth, who play a key role in the tales that were unfolded, during the thousands of years of Middle-Earth’s history. Some have been and seen all of Middle-Earth’s untimely age, whilst the majority have barely lived for one of this great land’s heart beats.  Although few in number, Tolkien has created his female characters to be incredibly strong and powerful in their own right. 


Lady Galadriel is thousands of years old, being that she is of Elven kind and is immortal above all beings. She was born in Valinor in Aman, a continent that lay west of Middle-Earth, across the great ocean on Belegaer. She was born even before the First Age, in the Years of the Trees. She was raised well by Finarfin, who of which is still alive to this day.
She was said to be eager to visit Middle-Earth, hearing of its many wondrous tales from her father and wanted a realm all of her own. During her time of the first age, she was mostly part of the council, and did not actually play a crucial role in the defeat of Melkor (Morgoth), the first Dark Lord. However, her brothers all were fatally killed during the battles in the fight for what is good and true.

During the Second Age, she met her future husband, Celeborn and both ruled over Lothlorien with love and compassion. They both had a daughter, Celebrian, who later married Lord Elrond, the Half-elven of Rivendell. They gave them three grandchildren, Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen. When Celebrimbor, the greatest blacksmith in all of Middle-Earth, made the three Elven Rings of Power, she was entrusted with Nenya, the Ring of Water, to which she used it to protect the borders of her Realm.

During the Third Age, she was part of the White Council who contested the power of Dol Guldur when Sauron was rising in power as “The Necromancer”. And shortly afterwards, during the War of the Ring, Galadriel hosted the Fellowship of the Ring from their escape in the mines of Moria. When she was presented with the One Ring of Power by Frodo, she was trialled to resist its temptation. She changed form to show what she would be if she accepted, and then turned back to her frail form, and refused the One Ring. Day after, she wished the Fellowship farewell with handsome gifts.


Lady Arwen was rather a young Half-elf, only born during the start of the third age and was about 2900 years old – which is young for the Eldar - under Lord Elrond or Rivendell and Celebrian. During her time in Rivendell, she was met by a young Dunedain Ranger, named Aragorn. The two fell in love at first site. The two “plighted their troth” (promised themselves to each other) on the mound of Cerin Amroth in the elven realm of Lorien. She chose to become mortal to be with Aragorn, refusing to sail to the Blessed Realm where she could live immortally.

When Aragorn left to go fight the war in the South, she wove him a banner, which in turn would become his standard as King of Gondor. (Not featured in the films) And when Aragorn was about to pass through the Paths of the Dead to build his army, he was met by a group of fellow Dunedain and Arwen’s brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, who presented him with the banner she had made for him, which encouraged him to enter the difficult path ahead, and unto Pelennor Fields.

After the War of the Ring was won, she married Aragorn and bore his son, Eldarion. Together, they ruled over the Reunited Kingdoms of Gondor and Anor for over 120 years. However, being that Aragorn was but a man, he passed away and Arwen was left with a broken heart. To where the two of them once made a bond to each other of promise, she too passed away under the tree on top of Cerin Amroth, and was buried there. Her son ruled on the Reunited Kingdoms after through the Fourth Age.


Eowyn was a noblewoman and shieldmaiden of Rohan, daughter of Eomund and Theodwyn. She was born during the Third Age, and was the younger sister of Eomer, and was niece to King Theoden under her mother, the King’s sister. However, the king became weakened under the influence of Saruman the White, and she was forced to wait on her uncle for several long years. Yet when Gandalf released Theoden from this spell, he swore he would protect Rohan from Isengard. Knowing his death may have been likely, he asked his doorwarden Hama to suggest a new leader of Rohan, and Hama recommended Eowyn for she was “loved by all” and was “fearless”.

Eowyn, many a time, wanted to prove herself in battle. When she was told she had to stay behind in Edoras while her uncle, Aragorn and the rest of the men confronted the Uruk-hai at Helms Deep, in the Battle of the Hornberg. When they returned victorious, she knew she had strong feelings of love for Aragorn, and was relieved to have seen him safe. But when Denethor II asked of Rohan for aid against Mordor, when the city of Minas Tirith was being besieged, she pleaded further to her uncle to join the fight, but he refused her request once more.

Out of bitterness, she rode into battle by disguising herself as a man under a Dernhelm of the Rohirrim. There, she also took Meriadoc (Merry) with her for he too wanted to ride alongside his friends into the fray. During the Battle of Pelennor Fields, she was part of Theoden’s escort company and when they were attacked by the Witch-King of Angmar, she and Merry were the only ones who did not flee as the King lay injured. She battled with the Witch-King, and stabbed him through the head. However, fatally wounded from Black Breath – a condition resulting from contact with a Nazgul – she collapsed. Eomer saw her lying, apparently dead, and was driven to blinding rage and despair. She was taken to the House of Healing, where she recovered at the hands of Aragorn, learning his skills of medicine from the elves in Rivendell.

As she was recovering from her wounds back in Minas Tirith, as the Army of the West marched on the Black Gate, she fell in love with Faramir, the younger son of Denethor II, who had also been injured before the battle. After her encounter with the Witch-King, she decided to give her dreams of glory in battle, and devote herself to love and tranquillity in happy marriage. So she and Faramir settled in Ithilien, where they lived happily and had a son named Elboron. 


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