Project Remix Is Closed!

by , Wednesday March 11, 2015
Project Remix Is Closed!

It's been incredible!


Today, Project Remix Closes. You have until 23:00pm GMT tonight to enter. It's been a long term feature on the Competition page and has meant that some incredible stories, and even better a huge range of creative ideas have come to Movellas. We've got new users from schools all around the country thanks to Teachit our most recent partner extending the profile of Project Remix into class rooms everywhere. 


The Book Trust and RandomHouse have been such amazing partners all through this competition and we want to give them a huge thank you. They are both in the process of planning the amazing award ceremony at the British Library in a few weeks time. 


There are some incredible extracts from the best authors writing to today and from the past which will remain on the site to be an on going inspiration for everyone. Feel free to read through the extracts list and write your own inspired story. 


It is GeorgiaT's job to take a look at all of the stories (over 100!), comics, covers, trailers and music. We are putting together a shortlist which will be going straight to Malorie Blackman as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the blog page, as always, to find out the winners of Project Remix. 


The most positive thing to come from this project is to see some of the incredible creative talent on Movellas. We are a writing site, but we're also a community for teenagers and that means everyone. We hope that more of you will share your musical or artistic talents with us in the future. 











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