Writing In Ink

by , Monday February 9, 2015
Writing In Ink

Which do you prefer?



This argument has gone on over Movellas for years. It’s as common a question as what’s your favourite book, ebooks or paper, typing or writing? More and more people use their computers to write their stories (that’s what we’re all about!). But the tradition of a writer with a pen is still the image we all like to hold on to regardless of day to day preference.



Your handwriting says alot about you. I like to think mine says ‘fabulous’ but that is because I exclusivly write in Movellas colours. The art of good handwriting is slowly dying out. With three year olds able to work an ipad but not a crayon.



Take Note

Being able to write with pen is essential while at school and university. Exams are still written out in real time with pens. If you can’t sit and write for 3.5 hours without your hand cramping up, you need to get into training! Exams are tough and you have to train your handwriting. At university the importance of reading back your handwritten notes is crucial.



Smudges. Smuts and exploding cartridges.

To be fair to the techno wizards, the clean look of a typed sheet of writing is unparalleled, most of us would prefer to read something legible when you pick up a book. The printing press changed the world with it’s regular, uniform type. With a computer/ non ink pen, the chances of your own pen being temperamental is pretty slim.



The ink pen will always be a romantic image for us writers, from Shakespeare’s quill to Professor Bhaer recognising Jo March, ‘Little Women’, as a writer because of her ink stained fingers. The fountain pen isn’t going anywhere and with that in mind….


Pen Heaven.co.uk are providing the prizes for our Movellys Awards this year, you guessed it, fountain pens.


Click here to read their blog on handwriting.


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